Watch “How to become an android youtuber. Easy tips” on YouTube

Many of us love creating YouTube channel but people hold back from starting it. They wait for right set of equipments . I have been doing everything on mobile phone . so I suggest don’t wait for anything if you wish to start . start with whatever you have .

Here in this video I have mentioned few essential things which is enough to start your YouTube channel in a budget friendly way or with negligible investment on equipments . do watch till the end

Author: theonlysup

Self Motivated. Optimistic , Resilient . Sometimes emotional, most of the Time Happy :)

50 thoughts on “Watch “How to become an android youtuber. Easy tips” on YouTube”

  1. Hey Sup, I have a question how to upload video in my blog, because my site doesn’t support it .

      1. Add media doesn’t support for video in my theme .May be I can try to use embed option

  2. This is veryyyyy good Bhai!!! Very very helpful but I want to share one thing, though I had told you that I’ll be making the video and will not allow my channel to die but I don’t get that Feeling from inside to make it. It’s almost done but still…😞
    Maybe I don’t like vlogging much!?
    I just love my words, I know it very well but video😶😑

    1. even i love writing but videos are more interactive .. WP feels so good . i feel whats bothering you is the disagreements you had with your channel partners .. bhool jao yaar .. try a new thing . see if it make you happy

      1. Thanks a lot Bhai!!
        I Will try my best. Let me Just get free with my exams in the coming months and then maybe I will be able to reflect on it again…😊

  3. This was superb! I just watched your youtube video and it shared an amazing deal of knowledge. At some point of time, I thought about being a book vlogger, but then I thought I don’t think I will be able to manage my time, and handle criticism as such. But know what Bhai? I wanted to ask you that you haven’t monetized your videos yet?
    By the way, Congratulations on having 1k followers. This calls for a celebration!

    1. Hey harsh. Thank you for that. I always believe in sharing knowledge. Yes I have monetized videos. But due to various companies boycotting ads on YouTube revenue is low now . but its all about passion

  4. I’ve been thinking of youtubing with animations instead of my face for privacy. I need to check the video oh later because I have to study now 😋

  5. I really needed this. I started my YouTube channel with just and introduction and after that I haven’t really done anything much. Because of how difficult it is to make cover videos. I am still trying to figure it out. Getting the editing right. I have my microphone. My stand. The software. It’s just putting it all together. It’s really a struggle. My friends told me the same thing. Use what you have.

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