Build your website in 5 mins

whatever your profession is , having your own website gives you an extra edge over your peers to market yourself in a better way

if you are a businessman/woman having website makes way for reaching out to your customers in an efficient way

promoting your services, products would become a cake walk

and that even good if you have it for free .

now i recommendย

reason being that many are non technical and even if you are techie , you would hate spending time on coding from the scratch .

wix has something called artificial design intelligence mechanism which makes easier for you to build your website within minutes

you just have to select template and customize over it


you can change design , edit content , add content , modify it in your own way . the wizard will take care of the rest

because you are creating it for free, your site name will be appended by , you get paid subscription which will allow more benefits and own your domain name .

but for google analytics and SEO , Adsense , i feel WordPress is better but price is little more for WP .

question of the day you own a website ? if yes, what web hosting facility do you use . let me know in the comment section

Author: theonlysup

Self Motivated. Optimistic , Resilient . Sometimes emotional, most of the Time Happy :)

28 thoughts on “Build your website in 5 mins”

  1. Wait!! Don’t go with wix, AdSense and Wix are having some issue and AdSense crawlers are unable to crawl Wix sites for some technical reason.

    1. i beg to differ . if that was the case with web crawlers results would not show up in the google.
      reason for not showing up adds could be for many reasons . may due to browser extension blocking it or not approved sites by adsense team .. or the site has to be better optimized . page ranking algorithms will see views ,clicks per month and many other criteria to show adds . so a new wix website will take time to be SEO friendly . i would say make your content SEO friendly no matter what platform you use. but yes if adsense doesnt matter to people , wix works like charm .. if you prefer adsense WordPress is better. because it has established reputation and its time tested.

      1. Oh no no. I haven’t made a site with wix. I was scrolling through AdSense forums a while ago and I read in many threads that people who used wix platform had the same crawling problem.

      2. Yes, exactly. There are many other options to display ads. Affiliate programs are really popular.

  2. I haven’t really explored much apart from the standard blogger ones – but WP is so clean and user-friendly! For people really looking to build it, this extra price can be worth it.

  3. Good one…. I have recently shifted mine from to own domain. Now I feel building a new one is easier then shifting. I am still in process of fine tuning “how images should look”.

  4. I have a website hosted by Siteground since the beginning of this year. So far, great experience. Their supportteam is excellent and answers always very fast.

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