you very lucky!! beware PHISHING email attack

you often get mails which makes your  heart delighted for a moment. but then if you see the proper content you will be shocked to know that these are just scams, some kind of the trap .

beware this might be PHISHING.

what is PHISHING:this is a trick by which hackers try to lead you to malicious or unintended link which would lead you to give away sensitive information .these email seems legitimate . authentic. but they aren’t .  see below examples of email i got :


below is the email that seems to be from YES Bank. i do not have an account in that bank .

look at the email address . it’s from some domain called .. is this an authentic domain name of YES bank. highly impossible . now if you desire to open an account and click on the given link , you will be redirected to malicious website which again may seem legitimate and you would give away sensitive info without your knowledge .




Look at the below email. i do not own credit card or i havent applied for any . but it says application is processed . how ??

observe the email id again ? which bank is this ??? never click on any links given below .



wow state bank of india giving away gift vouchers of worth 5000 INR ?? why ??

i almost died laughing when i observed the emailid . it says

since when SBI changed its domain to … haha





wow accenture is recruiting me ?? when did i apply again ?

i did apply but the interview process is already done . they even have my reference number .

but did you observe the signature below ? “Accenture in india” ???






accenture domain changed to monjin******.com??? some one save me …




so beware of these kind of attacks. and comment me back in the email if you have received similar mails and your views on how do tackle this .


Author: theonlysup

Self Motivated. Optimistic , Resilient . Sometimes emotional, most of the Time Happy :)

31 thoughts on “you very lucky!! beware PHISHING email attack”

  1. This is disturbing! I am used to those Nigerian mails about winning thousands of dollars but this – especially shocked about “Accenture”. There are so many people who are not careful about check the domain – great post!

    1. Thanks prajakta .. you mighthave observerd you get mail from nigerian people being super kind to you and tell that they want someone to look after their property for time being. they would transfer you the money and for that you need to give your bank details . how crazy.

  2. Phishing mails are very common these days. Earlier I use to open the mails and check domain name but now (Mostly), I simply delete these mails.
    On the lighter note….. I don’t how many times my CC applications (Which I never applied) had been processed or approved.

  3. Something like this happened with me too. But even as I was kid, luckily I was told several times to keep away from these messages, however tempting they may seem.
    But thank you for doing such an important post with so much detail and clarity because it’s very easy to fall for their trap.😄

  4. We all know about all this but ignore , ignorance is not always bliss we need to be careful thanks Supreet for the kind act of spreading awareness.. waiting for the next

  5. Do you know of any scams like this on WordPress? Two people have wanted email addresses and then I never heard from them again… they said they wanted to publish my poems etc…

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