My First Action Camera

I got this tiny little camera day before yesterday and the first question my colleagues asked me was “What was that” someone asked me “is that a spy camera ?” i said ” its my tiny DSLR haha ”  oh well! looking at its size anyone would be surprised.

it weighs not more that 70 gms and white in colour .looks elegant.

now when i announced it’s an action camera someone from behind, who had some knowledge asked me “is that a GoPRo?” i said “its an alternative to that

yes for all you guys who own a GoPRo, i got something similar for even cheaper price

this is called Xiaomi YI . of course a chinese model with an international version .

before i review , let me tell you what action camera is .

An action camera or action-cam is a digital camera designed for filming action while being immersed in it.(that’s what wiki tells me )

now Xiaomi is well-known chinese brand . Take a look at it.



now this has single button to start/shutdown. and the same button is used to switch between Camera mode and Video mode .

a capture button on the top to capture photos and start video recording

A wi-fi button to activate the WiFi so that you can connect to your mobile too.

I aint sure if GoPro basic hero has wi-Fi option ..goPro fans , please confirm

Device Setting :

now you might be wondering there is no LCD screen . so how do we customize the setting..

No worries. you got to install YI camera app , connect to your phone Via wi-fi and BooooM .. play around


this is a 16 Mp camera with 1080p/60 fps.. so a good quality videos are expected

What comes with package ? 

I ordered this from . you get nothing but a battery and a USB cable along with camera .micro SD cards which you insert in your phone is compatible with this .

So additional accessories are to be purchased separately .

Oh Well!! if you think GoPro accessories would fit .. it’s a big disappointment that it doesn’t.

well mic quality is yet another disappointment . it doesn’t match with GoPro.

well this is it for now . PS:images taken from google.


comment below on how is your experience with your action camera , it can be a GoPro or any other can also email me -> if you want to share anything in specific about the post





Author: theonlysup

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59 thoughts on “My First Action Camera”

    1. im sure you would love to try it .. if you love travelling , sporting , this is the one for you .. ofcourse people love goPro , but for us its little expensive so i settled for budget one..

      1. im bad at writing travel blogs 😦 i remember when i was kid how my dad use to make me write essays after every vacation trip .. but i will positively write on my next travel . oh well ofcourse .. u might know that my life dream is to trek to everest base camp

      1. you can publish it by using publish option when you create a content .. let me know what is the challenge you are facing , so that i can help you

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