what resists you from making a difference

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how often we resist the urge to take a big step ahead ?

how often do we realize it it is not OK to resist the ideas which might take us one step close to our dreams .

it does happen . this resistance might be due to various constraints . various situations .

Society’s impact on your aspirations

parents who are forcing you to follow conventional path which is disconnected from your passion .

family responsibilities, financial crisis , laziness, procrastination , fear of rejection .. if you keep on counting you will end up finding zillions of reasons .

think .what would have happened  if you had not resisted a thought transforming into action which could lead you to world class life

what resists you from giving more in your relationships?

answer me in the comment section , have you resisted any such game changing ideas bringing into execution . would love to know .


Author: theonlysup

Self Motivated. Optimistic , Resilient . Sometimes emotional, most of the Time Happy :)

57 thoughts on “what resists you from making a difference”

    1. long time back i had this issue maintaining work life balance and that is when i realized im the one who is resisting something and not the external factor .. and then i changed 🙂

      1. Nice. This happens all too often with people. We tend to deny ourselves. Sometimes people do it because they don’t believe they deserve prosperity, happiness, money, etc. That’s a sad state of being, I think.

      2. one more fantastic point added..people feel they dont desreve.. this is a big reason i believe.. i like the way you interact with ur wonderful views here

      1. True. Earlier even I was caught in the web of what will people say. But now gradually I don’t let it bother me, as no matter what you do, people will always continue to say something. I have understood that it is impossible to please all😊

  1. Often, I don’t think people even realize that their is an OPTION to resist – that there can be a way out, we are so used to the usual way and bending down to situations. I think that is even worse than resisting due to hesitation or fear.

  2. The fear of failure might be the reason of that untaken step but it makes you closer to what you want to do. If it will not make you success it will surely makes you free from regrets that if I have done this then things will be different.

  3. I agree with the first commenter. Fear (which fear ever) is definitely the main reason why we limit ourselves in moving on the way we actually feel it inside.

  4. Interesting question.
    Multiple reason……Fear of failure I think is main as everyone pointed out. Lack of confidence…..oh I had never done that before…. and many other oh’s. I feel taking first step towards anything new is most difficult but once you take that, things start getting easy with each step.

    1. fantastic sapna .. im getting some amazing inputs here .. no past experience in doing that work might induce a fear of failure sometimes.. but yes as u said one single step with hope n confidence is all it requires..

      1. You are right….
        I have certain things, which I want to do but still not able to do. Though out of those I have started for some.
        I like these kind of post, specially becoz these are short and thoughtful at same time.

      2. I have some online and some offline plan.
        Offline- will share sometime later.
        Online – When I started traveling regularly, I realised it is not easy to find company becoz one has to agree on destination, timing etc etc. Some places I went solo also, then I looked for women travel groups (even traveled with couple of them). But during my research I noticed that they charge around 50-60% more then the regular package available in market. These packages are usually higher if we do all booking ourselves. So, you can imagine how much mark up they have. Then they run these usually on popular tourist sector.
        So, I wanted to make a travel group which will be cost effective and more interactive .

      3. thats fantastic sapna .. i have always travelled on own plan. and have compared it with budget package most travel agent suggest, my plan is way more cheaper actually. i enjoy my own flexible time and places when i go on my own . but only thing you need to do is plan it out considerably , 5% deviation will always be there ..

      4. Yes, 5% deviation one should keep in mind. When I travel on own it is way cheaper then packages except for couple of destinations.
        I have noticed, for solo female travelers it’s still not that easy.

      5. divide the places in 1 day places , 3-4 days , himalayan tour , piligrimage tour , beach places etc… and then according to your experience plan out how much would it cost for a group of 20 ppl . travel charges , the food charges etc.. come up with a plan for 1 day tour initially .. go with your own friends/colleague and see if that works out according to your plan ..

      6. You are right. It is better to begin with 2-3 days tours.
        I had traveled with my friends on dutch basis and it’s me who does 99% booking etc. That’s why some of my friends like to travel with me as no headache and I mostly travel with a itinerary. But with friends, you can’t make it is venture 😦

      7. U must share the responsibility with them .. No it isn’t a venture but u might get an idea on the expenses .. I want you to bring your plan on the paper . create a mock iternary and see

      8. I tried doing that with friends (The short trip we did of Alwar/Bhangarh/Tijara in itinerary section ) was in that direction.
        I have fairly good idea about cost becoz in last few years I have maintained a diary where all expenses from tickets, food, entry fee, taxi cost etc etc are documented of places I had visited and I am very confident about this aspect.
        The main thing I wanted to workout is marketing of this. Which I am still not able to crack.

  5. How I see resist is:
    Resist are mostly our illusions. We find a reason when we dont want to do something and they turn as a reason to resist. We never realize that they get strong with time.

    Then, the constraints, when we dont dissolve them, they tend to become Resistance.

    1. Thats correct.. your disinterest added on to constraints.. many a time these constraints are created by ourselves but we arent ready to come out of it .. so that could one more reason added up to it .. thanks buddy

  6. Resist….
    Well, I think nothing must resist you to make the difference. And the common factor what I have read here that resists everyone is FEAR. Fear of failure is most common among them. But why to fear, when you are on right? And failure doesn’t last for ever. Nothings permanent not even failure and fear. So go MAD. I mean, Make A Difference…..

      1. Yesss unstoppable for right things. Don’t become the sea become the ocean of great treasures, bring the unstoppable difference, become the tsunami that will save beautiful lives….Become the storm that’ll change the world….

  7. Things can’t actually hold me from doing something, I can fight against any one to execute my dreams but if I feel that people who love and care for me will be wrongly affected, I’ll not do such things?

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