Solidarity challenge ..

Blogging is Great. interesting to read many ideas are shared on 1 common platform.

but then blogging is always not about Producing good content , but also about giving back isn’t it ?

i feel spectacularly nice when i get a chance to interact , i when i receive likes on my post , i treat that as a part of appreciation . but then how much do we give back the same ?

my simple rules is toΒ support and inspire your co bloggers . i’m not gonna talk about tips on how can we do it..but what i want to do is thankΒ SuccessInspirer and Amulya for presenting Solidarity award and encouraging me to write more inspiring stuffs

Now more information can be found hereΒ solidarity-support-challenge

Keep supporting each other cuz its always nice to help each grow , as leaders, as poets , as singers, as writers.. so on and so forth.. most importantly as human beings ..








Author: theonlysup

Self Motivated. Optimistic , Resilient . Sometimes emotional, most of the Time Happy :)

43 thoughts on “Solidarity challenge ..”

      1. Haha… thanks for the compliment! But whatever you learned from whoever you needed to be willing and open for what is around you! In the end, it is always you!!

  1. You said it well here… great article to read… if given the chance and time… i try my best to catch up with everyone… true it is through interaction we can inspire others 😊😊😊 keep writing inspiring articles my friend… 😊😊😊 i miss shamb… i remember our friendship started on her blog 😊😊😊

  2. Very true and a good gesture Supreet you know it is very necessary to motivate each other this brings self motivation as well.. I have started a series every week where I am bringing up the work by my fellow mates and featuring them . Just now posted my post and read here the same thought which were going in my head 😊thanks for being such a good Soul 😊

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