what programming language to start with ?

I work as a technical lead, a software professional. I get these queries by many fresher often that which programming language do I choose so that I get the best opportunities ahead.

Now here is my take.

Language doesn’t matter as long as you are a problem solver.

I don’t mean you hop from 1 technology to another every month. what I mean is programming languages have objective but different approach or syntax to solve a specific problem.

All you have to learn is the fundamental concepts of any programming language and you will do good.

I have been into Microsoft technologies like ASP.net

But believe me I have even tried node.js. I have worked extensively on SQL but I have also loved working on NOSQL databases like MongoDB, Cassandra.

A programmer should also be adaptive to new technologies.

If I were to hire a programmer, I don’t expect him to be an expert in xyz but what I see is his ability to adapt to new things. he will learn it himself eventually

When I joined as a fresher JavaScript was most prominent front end technology, as days passed on jQuery came in, knockout JS took over the market, Angular JS is now most preferred skill now for UI developers.

Developers life has become easier these days with the kind of evolution in each technology is happening

So it’s important for us to keep ourselves upgraded so that you are more marketable

People expect you to be a super human instead of developer or jack of all trades.

What I feel is gain experience and expertise in certain technology and also learning multiple things isn’t a harmful thing.

You don’t have to be expert in everything if u ask me . be very good at one or two specific skills and keep yourself busy acquiring new skills . learning has become so easy these days with YouTube , udemy , simplilearn, hackerrank  etc .

I remember practicing on tutorialpoint.com which gives free terminal for practicing coding ..

Ok here are few skills you may like to start with.

Microsoft :

  •                                 ASP.NET MVC 5 with Entity Framework,WebApi,WCF,C#

SQL server 2016


  •                                 Angular 2
  •                                 Knockout JS
  •                                 Backbone JS
  •                                 jQuery
  •                                 ReactJS

NOSQL:                MongoDB, Cassandra , CouchDB

Other Back-end:  Oracle 11g ,MySQL

Datawarehousing : Hadoop (Bigdata),pentaho

Other programming language:

  • Java,R,Scala
  • RubyOnRails
  • Node.js

I know it’s too technical post for non IT guys but I’m sure you get the essence of the post.

Should you have any similar queries, please do revert back.




Author: theonlysup

Self Motivated. Optimistic , Resilient . Sometimes emotional, most of the Time Happy :)

46 thoughts on “what programming language to start with ?”

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      3. Yes I have. You won’t lose data . u wil lose customization. Domain name has nothing to do with it. U can write to wp admin and find out why it happened then . all I can say is data remains intact. For security purpose u can backup ur data n try

  1. Nostalgic , I would say . . 16 yrs ago I did SQL , java oracle .. felt like I am doing some revision , I never knew it’s still lying in the back end of my mind .. thanks dude

  2. We love the way this guys explains the technical terms, very simple and yet interesting. We need feedback from tech people like yourself, so please when you can come to the Gastradamus community and let us know what you think of Miss Scarlet and Blue jasmine. They are great stories and we need reviews from all walks of life and were hoping for you to co.e by

  3. I agree with you Supreet. It is not the language that matters, but what are you problem solving. To be a good programmer, we have do n+1 things correct before and after writing coding. You are solving problems through code. However from a recruiters perspective, it is very difficult to gauge the overall abilities in 30 minutes or 1 hour sessions. That’s why job interviews are very technical. Leads, Managers, and everyone on the interview panel want to screw job seekers with difficult questions. The important thing a fresher should keep in mind is showcasing the ability to solve problems on scenario basis.

    1. Thank you for ur insights ..its pretty difficult for the candidates to prove their abilities in short time during interviews but if homework is done and fundamentals are clear then it would be easier .. Keep reading

  4. I’m finding that depending in the geographical region you live in, how much you know about one particular technology may be more important. In Montreal, Canada, Java is the top technology and companies hiring for the position expect you to know the language, design patterns, OOP and how the JVM functions at an advanced levels. So being an advanced OOP PHP programmer may not cut it.
    In other regions, being a jack-of-all-trades may be preferable. I think the bets bet is to look at the top postings and see what most employers are looking for,

  5. This is a question that comes up all the time. I recommend avoiding technologies that are supported mostly on specific OS’s. For example, C# and Switft for example are good languages, but I recommend starting with more open technologies with a solid community. Java is a solid start with a compiled language. Master the fundamentals of it, and Objecet oriented programming. Python is a good start with a scripting language. Scala can be a good place to study functional programming, but only after you mastered Java and practiced for a while.
    Interestingly, it used to be all about the language. These days it is more about the frameworks. Languages are relatively similar, and evolve slowly. Frameworks evolve quickly, and they are all pretty different. In summary I recommend mastering one language very deeply (Java), play with a few Java frameworks/libraries to resolve real problems, and play with a scripting language (Python).

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