The true Survivors

what would you do when you are left alone in the death zone of Everest .

what would you do when you are the lone survivor of aircraft crash

what would you do when you left to die amidst the jungle ..

well pretty difficult situations arise and im sure nature will test your ability to survive in such extreme and not so pleasant circumstances .

i’m sure now the only name which comes to our mind is “Bear Grylls” . No??

OK how many of us are fans of the most popular show on discovery channel called

“Man v/s Wild” ? he is one of the extremely talented and toughest adventurer and survivalist .

now what made me write this blog is whenever i go on for travelling or trekking i also do come across some unexpected situations and have managed to handle those situation. and bear grylls is in a way inspiration for me . i wonder who inspires him to take such risks.

he says his determination to survive. but he also mentions few people whose real life incidents are driving force .

and few such examples are mentioned in his new book called “TRUE GRIT”


as i read the horrifying experience by the survivalist mentioned in the book im sure it hasn’t been a cake walk for them , its truly an experience of hell on earth .

its raw, candid , and most incredibly inspiring.

he remembers Winston Churchill’s words, in his book, “if you are goin thru hell, keep going”

he mentions George Mallory who couldn’t survive on mount Everest but his name is carved in every climbers heart who tried to conquer Everest even before sir Edmond Hillary and Tensing did .

Nando parrado, who survived aircraft crash and had to eat human flesh to stay alive on mountains where temperature at night  dropped at -40.

the most difficult part was an act of  cannibalism

Juliane koepcke , who survived aircraft crash and survived in the jungle(forest) for 10 days with broken bones, where there was no clue of human habitation , she dint have machete, no equipment to light the fire , no resource to make shelter ..

she even drank dirty water and escaped attacks from american cousin of alligators and piranha .

many such stories are mentioned in the book. this isnt a book review but a lot more about how people never gave up even in the most impossible situations .

what kept them going is their determination,resilience and will power.



Author: theonlysup

Self Motivated. Optimistic , Resilient . Sometimes emotional, most of the Time Happy :)

45 thoughts on “The true Survivors”

  1. At times I am scared to read such stories – it makes me question my own ability to survive and of course, the horror. The mental processing and change that a human will go through after such experience(s) is something I cannot even fathom!

    1. That’s true. Human wil do many unexpected things in the process of survival. But yeah it wil make them mentally stronger . thanks prajakta . u have never failed to leave ur valuable response in my posts

  2. Nice post… loved how you ended “what kept them going is their determination, resilience and will power.” Just the motivation we need, Thank you. Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

      1. Thank you for your kind words. I think actions speak louder then words! I just give it in words, but you are action packed, so your words are truly louder and stronger than I could 🙂

  3. Great post! I love books like this…the blending of adventure and inspiration. When we face tough challenges in life, recalling stories like these can quickly put situations in perspective.

  4. great post…lol I don’t think I would survive…like for example I don’t have much knowledge of whats poisonous and not to eat nor do I have good sense of direction..LOL

  5. As you say, grit and determination can move mountains. Even if not on as big a scale as this, they can do wonders. Great reminder to accept life’s challenges, get going, and take action towards the fulfillment of one’s goals!

  6. True Grit seems to me a great Inspiring book. True that we all come across bitter situations and it is all those three things that will keep us going. Cannibalism seems impossible and though I say now, I would never attempt it even I were to die, who knows, how will I react if I were really stuck in a do or die situation.

  7. What an awesome post….
    I enjoyed each bit of your post. Loved it totally. What an inspirational figure you are.
    Do you have a copy of this book?
    Also, its all about situations that one face in real life. Losing parents makes one sensitive towards other parents’ pain. Losing a loved one makes other person treasure the value of love. End of the day, necessity is the mother of all inventions and all great ideas for survival.
    I once had this horrible incident where I was almost scared to death because I lost my bus @ Bangalore and had to walk all the way back my home. This guy co-passenger kept on passing lewd comments and all. I finally had to fight my way back home and made it safely.
    Had i fought back that day, I would never reach home. Instead I engaged him in a nice conversation and made him distract from me as much as I can.
    Phew.. even now when I remember the incident, it sends chills down my spine.

    1. Thanks Ambika for sharing such an experience and how u overcame takes courage . To answer ur question . yes I have this book. U can learn a lot from bear grylls.I have seen interview of nando parrado too where he shares his experience of his survival act . oh yes u did the right thing by distracting him in a way . that strategy helped u . that is also an art of survival.

      1. Art of survival is must. Panic doesn’t help. It only complicates the situation. What did we learn from all fairy tales…. 😁 It’s always possible to slay the dragon. Provided u make the best use of the available weapons with you.

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