time can’t be expanded or bought


Time and again I have been asked by my juniors to talk on importance of time management.

Well I have always believed time and tide waits for none. the more you respect it the more you reach towards pinnacle of your goal.

I wonder how many people sit in a corner and daydream about having an epic adventure, having a successful career or may be achieving their zillion dreams. but do you hear them say “I do not have time” or “I’m lazy enough to do this”

Of course you are unstoppable. we all have 24 hrs in a day. what does it take for a leader to break the barriers and live his dream? and let’s think beyond these excuses.

If you ask me its his unending passion for what he loves to do

Yes, a little dreaming isn’t bad for it motivates you for next great thing you do. but it’s not just you dream and plan. it has to be turned into action.

  • Imagine a mountaineer on Everest running out of time and oxygen while summit. he wouldn’t live longer to share his success to the world
  • Imagine the time a student wasted on Sundays sleeping for long hours. cannot buy back the time he/she wasted during his/her most important exams
  • Imagine the time you wasted without planning your goals, finances, travel etc.
  • Imagine the time you wasted without spending time with family
  • Imagine the time wasted on Facebook which could have been utilized to do productive work.
  • Imagine the time you wasted at work place gossiping around with coworkers, coffee breaks and lunches, personal telephone calls which otherwise could have utilized to serve your customer in a spectacular way

A time is never wasted until you waste it all the time but if you can do 7/10 productive work im sure you grow at a faster pace.

Give time to

  • polish your skills.
  • polish your relationship with your partner
  • do brainstorming on areas you are weak at and plans to improve
  • rework on your creative ideas
  • to love to care
  • to learn, express, to think, to exercise.

Ok now how is that your peer accomplishes more than you, having used the same amount of time you have been given? maybe has zeal to achieve, focused, passionate , think about solutions

I already said you are unstoppable. what is holding you back from forging ahead and doing things that you were supposed to?

Lack of interest, enthusiasm, decision making? Prioritizing? Search for an answer within

I’m sure the more you are in control, the happier you are and lesser the stress level is

It all comes by managing your time efficiently

We all sleep for 8 hrs., eat for 2 hrs. that’s 10 hrs. gone already but what you do in remaining 14 hrs. makes the difference.

Oh yeah do you procrastinate.? read this article again. you may find the reason

PS: this post is an answer to a student who wants to get into IIT and like to know how important is time management in life.

I leave you with the note. Leaders love learning. victim love leisure-Robin sharma







Author: theonlysup

Self Motivated. Optimistic , Resilient . Sometimes emotional, most of the Time Happy :)

92 thoughts on “time can’t be expanded or bought”

  1. Some good tips here. Prioritization is the key actually… Map your goals to your time. And limit the waste don’t remove altogether. Because I think some great ideas form potential in the “wasted” time.

    1. absolutely prajakta . eliminating distractions and focusing on priorities will take time but would certain help you grow more. I don’t say stop entertainment altogether but have a balance

  2. Initially investing time on prioritizing goals/ chores/ activities go a long way in making a good use of the 24 hours a day that we have. It actually gives us more time to pursue things close to our heart as well. Good tips Supreet!

    1. If something positive happens then the purpose is served. U can have time for leisure just make sure u use the time for productive work also. If I remember u r in 10th ?? Enjoy ur free time as well as studies. My best wishes are always with u ..

      1. Oh tas wat…I found it like motivation n development sessions out of corporate world.. One can just copy n present it from ur post…especially when it’s about time…how beautifully u described a simple thing like time…

  3. An inspiring post! I like how you point out how we easily waste time. I am sure the student got what he was looking for. Proper planning and time management are the keys to achieving one’s goals.

  4. Here I remember something……….
    Do your things in time,
    Never be late,
    For old father time For no one does he wait.
    You may find some excuse,
    But you will cry in vain,
    For the hours that you loose Will never come back again…..

    Great post..!!

  5. hey , this ones on me I am always busy without any work and you can always hear me saying kya karun time hi nai milta ..LOl , wonderful piece of writing and an inspiration for me dude .. 🙂 nice dp by the way :)hope u good

      1. am good, thanks how are you Happy and green Diwali to you 🙂 no alag alag kaam all excuses we are always busy for selves has time for everyone all time ..

      2. 🙂 well make time for urself also. Have a me-time .. Think about one thing u love to do apart from daily chores and do it for a month. Take an hour out of ur time .. I’m sure u wil enjoy it .. Ah!! Happy diwali to u too .. 🙂

  6. Just like us, even though we are using social media, but still we are here doing something productive, and that makes it different from wasting time on FB or WhatsApp…
    We must realise our priorities…

  7. yappa… i was about to take tea break. instead of going out I am sitting and concentrating on my priorities.
    And yes, recently I read Brian Tracy’s book. It is so awesome. “Eat that frog” antha adr hesru. It really helped me take control of my life back.

    1. Eat that frog” kappi tinno kelsa madidri anta aitu.. haha ..quite an interesting title .brain tracy books are always good. i first read his book in class 10th. but since then havent read any other book . i keep reading his article online sometimes .
      but yeah take break no problem.. nam jannake cha kudidilla andre thale odalla.. teertha togond banni .. 🙂

  8. Whatever you said is 100% right Sup. When you were a big blogger in Channel W, and when I started my blog first, people always used to ask me, how do you get time to do what you love. My answer till this date remains the same “It’s all about priorities”.
    I recently watched Gary Vee’s TED talk on “Do what you love. No excuses”. It energized me so much that I started feeling I should invest the remaining 14 hours into my hobbies.

    1. u r right , i dont have time can be an excuse which stops from going beyond your comfort zone . but when u love to do something what stops you is none but you.
      i get lot of interesting points from you , like you said about TED talk. i learn so many thing from you . im gonna watch it .

  9. If you late, you might miss something great. I like it. You’re a versatile writer, I love that I can learn something about life amongst all your gadgets as well. @Sparklingpoems…Wow!

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