Trekking taught you what ?

Trekking for me Is not just about physical strength but about mental strength too. well amidst the 9-6 job we always forget the value of exercise and physical fitness but at least trekking reminds you about the value of having a healthy life
I remember the moment my knees cried for rest. my joint pain was excruciating and the reason was my preparations were good but wasn’t sufficient for a hike 6000 ft hill.
But something kept me moving. that’s my internal power which was screaming not to stop till I reach back the base camp.
The weather was still in my favor, with the support of the hiking pole and a desire to reach on top of the small mountain and come back to base camp before time was a what made me complete the challenge

Now that’s time management lesson for you to learn it yourself .
None did believe, just by a practice of long distance walking I would be able to do it easily.
People did mock by saying, “you will know your capacity during this “
Yes, test of capacity was done by the nature. but I never gave up easily. endurance, persistence, will power is all it takes along with physical strength. a goal which was crystal clear for me. it was very much visible.

Hiking does test your decision making capacity. now essence of team work is best seen while trekking .I got teammates over there who extended their hands there were times when I lost the route and I had to make quick decision to get back on the track. I was always told to walk at own pace and not to hurry . well on the contrary our society says you to join the rat race but trekking always tells you have a little patience. of course goal is always there but at the same time you should enjoy the journey too .

I was made to use my resources efficiently. the amount of water I had to drink, the pace I had to walk and climb, the amount of time I could rest for a while are all small things one should be able to decide on. Act of survival is a key here.
Mother nature is a great will discover there are many things is life so amazing than FB 😉 we celebrated teacher’s day yesterday in India and for me mother nature is the best teacher.

Author: theonlysup

Self Motivated. Optimistic , Resilient . Sometimes emotional, most of the Time Happy :)

67 thoughts on “Trekking taught you what ?”

  1. wow! you made it! 🙂 Its good that you didn’t give up. It does take will power to complete it! and yes mother nature is the best teacher!

      1. Good for you. Keep it up… and take us along in your journey… my best wishes to achieve you goals… Mount Everest is not a small deal!

  2. A true experience is the one that helps you learn more about yourself along the journey. You conveyed it so well that as a reader it felt like we too were getting to know about our self-capacities along the way. Always a pleasure to read your posts 🙂

  3. I have seen a difference in myself. I used to regularly trek during school and college; back then it was strictly physical strength that mattered in my head. I have resumed since the past couple of years and now, it is more of a mental strength. I never thought I was physically capable of making it to 16500ft but I did. Not because I was fit, but mentally I was determined.

    Forget what people say or recommend. Listen to your body. Listen to what feels right. And learn to rely on your intuition 🙂

      1. You are most welcome 🙂 .And thanks to you too for taking out your valuable time and giving me lovely comment at every post :).I am glad to have such wonderful people around

      1. I tried to read your blog earlier but due to some technical problem could’nt read glad I could today. very innovative and thoughtful blog. 🙂 I am a new comer and will get a lot to learn from you 🙂

  4. These mountains & river teach you so much.
    Nature treats everyone in the same manner. One got to walk, irrespective of his wealth or intellect. It teaches people to calm down and accept the fact that it takes time to perform everything. one can’t just rush through.

    This write up is a great resource

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