Proud moment . proud Indian. Rio 2016

I was up till 12.30 am just to see a glorious moment which would make any indian proud.

It was Rio Olympic women’s vault game where our Indian woman dipa karmakar ended up at  4th position missed a bronze by tiny gap .

Well what made me proud was she is first ever women gymnast representing India .. And she lived to the expectations of every Indian in this Olympics.

The confidence she had in her eyes said it all.

Although in th earlier days she had to undergo lot of hardship and was even called unfit to be a gymnast by many she dint give up.

I’m proud Indian , I liked the way she managed to fight till the end showed many difficult forms of vault during her Olympics in 2016 among such a great other contenders ..

For all the women who think women aren’t doing great or forced to feel inferior .. Take a look at dipa’s life and career u will feel proud too

This independence day what else could be great gift to us . hail dipa.

In our typical Bollywood style. ” haar Kar jeetne wale ko dipa karmakar bolte hain” 😉


Yes abhinav bindra also missed a medal by an inch..but sindhu continue  win her badminton matches.this time against Canada..
Proud to be Indian . happy independence day. Rather than talking about what our government failed to do. Let’s look at positive developments..

For all our non Indian friends here, thank you for ur encouragement and support in our development.. We extend our hands for friendship and peace.


Author: theonlysup

Self Motivated. Optimistic , Resilient . Sometimes emotional, most of the Time Happy :)

34 thoughts on “Proud moment . proud Indian. Rio 2016”

  1. “One wrong move and I could die on the spot ” were the chilling words of Dipa Karmakar

    Indeed she made the proud move simultaneously making India too proud of her
    Happiest Indi Day 🙂

  2. Dipa made whole country proud of her. I am glad that you have shown the positive side of the coin. Because most of the time people keep on saying that “sb waise ka waisa hi h”, ” log nahi sudhar sakte”, ” sarkar ka kuch nai ho sakta”. They should know that any big change needs time….its a gradual process…again really nice post

  3. Wowww !! Har kar jeetne walon ko Deepa Karmakar kehte hain .. She really made us proud nd feelings like yours making me even more proud atleast we are still caring and respecting tries and Hardwork .. Thanks for sharing the post 😕

    1. Thank you sister. Everyone respects the winner . for me winner is someone who never give up easily..fight till the end.. And she just did that.. So salute to every one who did a commendable job @ Rio

      1. My daughter plays badminton very well.. she is 10 and I really wonder if she could also reach the heights… brings a shine into my eyes to think of the same

      2. I liked it when u said u wanted her to bring glory to the country and not restricting her to academics.. May your dream be fulfilled .. I honestly wish this

      3. I have no intentions of making her study like crazy.. she is an.artist too.. so either a sports person or an.artist.. I want to do.follow her dream and not fall.prey to the system of great scores and then to run after money…

  4. We ALL are PROUD of the performance of our Indian Athlete at Rio.
    Sadly our Country does not provide the proper motivation to our Athletes, as compared to foreign countries. That’s why we are behind in Olympics. The only sport that Thrives in India is “CRICKET”. Its become more of a Celebrity Status than a Game for athletes.

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