My first step towards EBC training

I have this dream of trekking till mount Everest Base camp. Yeah I know people dream about summiting and I only intend to go till Base camp of about  17,500 ft height above sea level. But that even isn’t easy task at all. of course Everest is a lifetime dream but  I’m only focusing on basecamp


May be I want to train my body for 2 yrs for that. I have interacted with few mountain climbers and they have helped many a novice like me to plan.  and this is how I plan

  • Keep your body Hydrated

Your body need to be hydrated most of the time . so Im just increasing the intake of water each day . high altitude can have adverse effect on your body and can cause altitude sickness. I plan to drink different fruit juices everyday . at least  2 glasses each day

  • Exercise

Physical fitness plays  a vital role in climbing at such heights where oxygen level is so low.

As im used to long distance walking , I will have to do some running too to increase my stamina

Monday Running for 30 mins
Tuesday Exercise like warm ups
Wednesday Cycling for 30 mins
Thursday Running + exercise for 60 mins.
Friday Cycling for 30 mins
Saturday Walking 30 mins + pranayama
Sunday Relax.Just Dumbles
  • I need to hit the gym also.Naaah!! you got it wrong. aim is to be fit rather than body building. BTW we have no elevators day every Friday in our office. we are not supposed to use lifts. I follow it strongly .. 🙂
  • I need to  buy all the necessary equipment’s like pair of trekking boots, jacket, water carrier, sun hat as sun can be powerful many a times . I will be making a list of them soon .btw you can get all these in Namche bazar which is last stop where you can get all the accessories before Everest but as a traveler you might have to shell out more money if you do not know the art of bargaining .
  • I have even been into road trip and trekking to near by smaller hills, I’m planning to spend few more weekends with BMC(Bangalore Mountaineering Club) where I can get more experience in trekking mountains and valleys . there is another one called Base camp adventures which take you to more advance mountains like Kilimanjaro also.. but that I would plan after I feel im more fit for that .
  • I used to run Marathons in my previous company(Spirit of Wipro run) with minimal exercise or most of the time without training..but this requires a 10 time greater amount of training.
  • I know this is not at all sufficient. Human body is not designed to work well on high altitudes but this is my first baby step. this plan may change every month .Amidst the daily corporate 10-6 job , finding a work-life balance has become a adventure in itself for many .. but as a travel enthusiast this could be a different experience altogether

all these are about physical fitness . I will write more on mental fitness in y coming posts




Author: theonlysup

Self Motivated. Optimistic , Resilient . Sometimes emotional, most of the Time Happy :)

38 thoughts on “My first step towards EBC training”

      1. Absolutely.. For the people who dream to summit this would be an greatest experience of all..
        Yeah riskier because we have to acclimatize ourselves to high altitude

      2. I have been talking .. And 15 days is what I can afford amidst the career n job. Reassuring ur family is easier when u r fit enough both physically and mentally..

  1. I loved even the idea of it Sup
    I love to travel and trek
    N mountains somewhat attracts – right ?
    I had seen the beauty of Himalayas when I went for a trip north
    Liked all of the guidelines
    N I wish if that one day in life it may all come true 🙂

    1. Thanks pragati..
      Himalayas is stunning .. I have set 2 yrs for it. Let’s see how it goes.. No gain without pain .. I’m not a professional climber so im not making any of my training intense.. And going there to enjoy the beauty of it ..

  2. Whoa Supreet that’s awesome. To dream and work towards realising that dream is a perfect plan. The feeling of exhilaration when you accomplish this goal, will be worth all the hard work you are putting in. Best wishes 👍

      1. we don’t need to pay specific attention to big things, right.. it happens naturally.. but there are some simple and minor i am more concerned on those minor parts.. 😉

  3. That’s a great step you are taking… all the best to you. Would love to see the great himalayas through your eyes, with pictures too! Being prepared is very vital, I am glad you are heading in the right direction.

  4. This is a great plan, I have done this trip and am so glad I did. If you are physically fit, and you sound like you are, that’s all you need, you don’t need to be super fit, but have strong legs and do lots of training on stairs. The tough part is the altitude and the mental challenge that brings, and it affects everybody differently, you don’t know what will happen until you are there. The biggest advice I can give is to make sure you don’t try and rush it, choose a guide that will give you the time you need to adjust to the altitude, this will reduce your chance of sickness and make it a far more enjoyable trip. I wish you good luck and safe travel

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