Magical 4yrs with WP

I was surprised to see that it’s been 4 yrs. that I have been associated with WordPress.

Journey wasn’t a cake walk at all. I used to write articles in the corporate site. but then only office colleagues could read

Then I happened to interact with one of my wonderful friend who recognized my information and knowledge sharing skills and assisted me to open this blog, supported me a lot.

Well I do not post daily since I wait for some nice and interesting thing to inspire me to write

But I feel good to see WP comes up with daily prompts, challenges, awards so on and so forth which will enhance the writing skills, creative thinking abilities for every blogger.

On such interesting award was black cat and blue sea award. not sure why they call it so .my dear fellow blogger chitra nominated me for this.

So as a rule I have to answer her below questions. so here it goes

  1. Q) Are you a “go-with-a-flow” person or “everything has to be planned”?
  2. A) well I’m 70% solution oriented and 30% process oriented guy.

I like planning well in advance. I’m pretty organized in many aspects

I like taking actions. but there are few situations in life where things do not go in an intended way. some parameters are not in my control. in such situation only I will go with the flow. Otherwise I plan it.

Ah! well uncertainties is also a way of life isn’t it. I welcome pleasant surprises too J

  1. Q) One supernatural power that you wish to have??
  2. A) the same answer like chitra gave. would love to be wherever I want, at any instant of time.

Hey do you remember Brendan Fraser’s movie “bedazzled”??

Sometime I feel I would also have magic wand to increase my weight whenever I want haha 😉

  1. Q) Any phobia??

When I joined as a fresher I had this fear of not completing programming before deadline. eventually I overcame.

Not phobia as such but few things keeps running in my mind if don’t complete my to-do list, both personal and professional thing. but that’s contextual.

Well, I thank chitra who is a wonderful woman, a mother, a blogger and a inspirational soul who keeps me motivated by her wonderful quotes every day.











Author: theonlysup

Self Motivated. Optimistic , Resilient . Sometimes emotional, most of the Time Happy :)

48 thoughts on “Magical 4yrs with WP”

  1. Loved reading your answers. wow, four years! That’s great.
    umm… yes, wouldn’t it be nice to increase or decrease weight when we want, I definitely would love that super power too.
    Have a great day 🙂

      1. I am just glad that I got an opportunity to show my appreciation. Thank you for the wonderful words about me… makes me think if it me you are talking about 🙂

  2. Congrats. Long time, how are you brother? You seem to have lost weight! In this Blogging world we meet many who leave a lasting impression and you are one such person. Take Care and enjoy life😃

    1. Oh thanks sis so much. How would I forget u. Yep I lost weight suddenly.
      I’m doing good and feels great to get such overwhelming response from someone like you.

    1. U will definitely.. It just requires a little more patience. I have seen many new bloggers try many thing which I haven’t tried yet . but yeah I will keep reading urs always.

  3. A little late on congratulating, but here it is, Congratulations!! You’ve been doing tremendously well with WordPress by being a creative and regular writer. I struggle a lot with regularity but you really inspire me. So here’s to the great blogger, cheers!

  4. Congratulations on the award and 4th blogiversary 😊 wow ! Four years on wp, that’s huge ! WordPress is amazing and I loved your answers especially first one !!!
    Best wishes and happy weekend 😊

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