Travel plans ahead..till Dec 2016

I have always been a travel lover as much as I love reading . and someone rightly said

“World is a book and if you haven’t traveled, you have read only a page”.

the kind of experience gained by travelling is invaluable . different cities, different weather , different people and culture and you got to visit exciting places around the globe.

how much have I traveled ?


well I have this dream of covering 29 states in a fist step. 7 continents is still In my bucket list but you have hell lot of amazing places in India to be explored by me yet .

So here are few places I travelled

a)Himachal Pradesh : have been to kulu, manali and Shimla . horse ride to kufri ,Rohtang pass snow point was dream come true and ideal for a guy with  mountain madness

b) Chandigarh : rock garden and a walk to sukhna lake in the morning, visit to gurudwar   was beautiful and peaceful  in its own way.people are so hospitable.

c)Rajasthan : though I had been to Jaipur I couldn’t visit much places as I had my connecting flight from Jaipur . but I visited Mount ride to gurushikar ,boating in  nakki lake,dilwara jain temple,sunset point was the way to enjoy the weather  for 2 days in a very cold weather of about 6 degree

d)Ahmadabad : the calmness and serenity I found in Sabarmati ashram, Akshardham ,kankaria lake was amazing .

e)Karnataka : place where I live . I am a bangalorean and I keep visiting places in and around Bangalore.

Aurangabad: magnificent ellora caves is worth visiting 

Mysore , Tumkur ,Hubli-dharwad(my native) ,Srirangaptna,hassan,belur halebid,chikmaglur , hornad, shringeri ,dharmasthala,udupi are some of the major places I often visit .

Mysore is known for its dussehra celebration. But would be too crowded so I went off season to palace , chamundi hills , zoo and national park and yes brindavan garden .


PS: I haven’t mentioned all the places i traveled under the above mentioned states as it would be a lengthy blog . these are just highlights

Now 3 places on my list next is

  • a) ooty ,kodiakanal
  • b)Andaman nicobar
  • c)Munnar and Waynad

Now what I would love to hear from you fellow bloggers is . who ever has traveled to these places can give their suggestion on place to visit , to do things in the above mentioned 3 places.

however I always make my own plan when i travel but i would love to get your views too






Author: theonlysup

Self Motivated. Optimistic , Resilient . Sometimes emotional, most of the Time Happy :)

87 thoughts on “Travel plans ahead..till Dec 2016”

  1. Dharwad peda I love! πŸ™‚ my idea of a travel is not very rushed as such, I like to take a two-three days and go around in a lazy place, not tick off places on a list.. I’d like to enjoy. Munnar I can help you with.. been some time since I had been there, but the walk through the tea gardens, the trek up the mountain to spot the goat, the general greenery around..

    Hope your Monday has been good so far Sup πŸ™‚ be well.

    1. Of course I enjoy the places. List is just to remember how many places I covered. And make a plan in advance for the next big travel.. The reason I said December is cuz weather gets humid after that..
      Yeah I pedas are famous over there..
      And thank you so much for ur suggestions on the places .. I will consider them .. Thanks aish.. Monday is OK for today .. How’s urs

      1. travel is a very personal route as you said in your post, anybody can suggest.. So, Monday has been rainy here! almost a munnar feel in Bombay today, I can also see the hills from my window πŸ™‚

      2. haha, actually you should hop over to Anand’s photography. I think he knows Munnar quite well, if you want more in the way of suggestions. I’m always the traveler’s perspective guide πŸ˜‰ come home when you do make the trip, you’ll need to stop at Cochin to hit Munnar.

  2. Best wishes for all your travel plans Supreet. Travelling is a wonderful experience ,which all should indulge in often. Had been to Munnar a few months back. A perfect place in the lap of nature. Will plan a post on it sometime soon.

  3. I love travelling as well and i have places on mind to visit as well , kind of a long bucket list of mine lol ( Italy , India , New York , London , Ireland and so many more ) . I wish you visit all the places you love to go and in case you came to Morocco , you gotta come visit me πŸ™‚

      1. I had just been to Leh Ladakh, this year in May. I will blog upon it soon. You shall find the answers. From Leh, to Pangong Lake, to Nubra to KHARDUNGLA PASS TO THE VARIOUS MONASTRIES, SCENIC NATURE, NOT SO FORGIVING WEATHER Ladakh has it all!!

  4. Travelling opens up our minds and, helps us be more knowledgeable. I’ve visited, Ooty and Munnar, wonderful hill stations they both are. Anadaman and Nicobar islands are in my list as well… happy travelling, Supreet… πŸ™‚

  5. Ahmedabad is my home πŸ™‚ So glad you found some peace there. Munnar is gorgeous and go there soon πŸ™‚ The islands are best visited in December.

    My travel list presently includes a long-due trip back to the Himalayas next month πŸ™‚

    1. Great prajakta.. Yeah ahmedabad was really cool. I liked everything over there. Himalayas is best suited for the one who loves mountains ..I’m sure u will love manali if u go. I visited in July 2014 but however weather was still awesome then..

      1. Although I haven’t visited it but I have explore it on let. There’s a lake called Gurudongmar Lake in Sikkim. And mawsynram in Meghalaya.

  6. Definitely go to Kerala, but don’t restrict it to Munnar and Wayanad. πŸ™‚ If you like temples, I’d suggest Guruvayur as a must stop. Kochi is another beautiful place. And absolutely go to Kanniyakumari and watch the sunrise and sunset over the ocean. πŸ™‚

  7. Andaman nicobar: U sure about visiting Nicobar? It’s a bit complicated to go there and u have to spend lots of travel time. Havlock is very popular so I don’t need to recommend but if u have time visit twin Islands of Andaman called Ross and Smith Islands.
    In Munnar, I suggest u to stay outside the city in some tea garden or spice garden.

  8. Hello dharwad peda huduga.
    Do visit tea gardens in Munnar. Tata tea has a factory outlet in Munnar, u can find varieties of tea there. Ervikulam national park is worth visiting. Like ash said, you will spot a mountain goat or two.
    Namma bengaluru is much better than ooty. The botanical gardens of ooty are not that great when compared to lalbagh… Kodai, the most visited place is called suicide point – a tourist destination.

      1. Interesting about the suicide point is.. Suicide.. πŸ˜› it seems a lot of lovers committed suicide by jumping from that spot..they have fenced that area now.
        Yea, you are asking a kannadiga if they know kannada πŸ˜›

      2. Yappa.. Namskara.. Sumne English al ashtond scope Yake. Haha. Yaro bidd saayo jagah nodak allivargu hogoda.. I love mountains greenery flowers.. Valley..

      3. Haha.. Nanna hesaru nodi yeshto jana naanu Indian alla andkondidru…
        Being in bangalore and seeing lalbagh and cubbon park is better than visiting ooty kodai. Alli bari tourist atmosphere ide. You don’t get that wow feeling seeing greenary. Namma coorg bandipur shimoga thirthalli atmosphere is better. πŸ™‚

      4. Yeshto unexplored places ide.. Ella ond experience.. Swlpa homework madi hogbeku ashte.. Monne tumkur kade devarayan durgakke hogi bande

      5. Acha… Have u been to somanathapura and talakadu? (typing in English is better than kannada in English)

      6. In wayanad, there is a 1000yr old temple, thirunelly or thiruvelly I don’t remember. Along with parashurama shrine. It’s a good place. You can book kstdc hotels- thirunelly tamarind is the hotel name, good view from the hotel, valleys and greenery.

      7. No, not package. Just hotel booking. And this.kstdc is not k for karnataka. It is Kerala. Oops sorry ktdc not.kstdc

      8. Hahaha… Avnige alle nook bittu it’s awesome anta helbekittu πŸ˜›

      9. Abha.. You dharwad belgaum ppl speak so rudely.. πŸ˜›
        So much anger.. Chill dude…

  9. Munnar is an amazing place ! A must visit. Preferably visit in rainy season. The route leading to munnar has lot of waterfalls. Go via bike ride or rent a car. Drive along. It’s amazing. Kodaikanal is also lovely. The home made chocolates are yum in Kodaikanal. I m sure Ooty wouldn’t interest you much after Kodaikanal and Munnar. If you are visiting Andaman and Nicobar, definitely check out the volcanoes, scuba diving and water related activities. And rainy seasons aren’t preferable for Andaman I guess. Rains are rough. πŸ™‚ Enjoy travelling πŸ™‚

  10. The usual places people visit in Ooty are the Lake, Rose garden & botanical garden. I’d suggest you to go to Lovedale and go about the area of Lawrence school. The school itself is huge and if you manage to get a bike or have some friends, you could explore the woods and the places around. They have a valley, some temples and you could get to know about the Badagas’ culture. πŸ™‚

  11. For Andaman
    -Do underwater sea walk
    -Visit the Kaala Paani Jail
    -Visit Ross Island( the bestest of all)
    -In Havelock, do snorkeling and other water sports
    that place is indeed beautiful and a serene Goa you can say hehehe
    All the best!!

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