Spend Analyzer



I logged in to my bank website check my transaction history and accidentally stumbled upon a link there which read “spend Analyzer”

Now basically what is does it allows you to allocate your budget for a month.

There are various categories given which helps you segregate your expense projection.

Now once allocation is done and you save the changes, you have an option for notification

This helps you get notified when your budget reached the specific Percentage. Let say I set it 90%

Here is the below screen shot

spend analyser



Now let’s look at pro’s

  1. Your expenses are controlled
  2. You will be notified well in advance about your budget completion and there by you can plan well in advance


  1. Categories are not sufficient enough
  2. You are unable to add or customize the category

Although I have better ways that I use to plan and regulate my cash flows, but I would like to use this option for a month and see how it works.

PS: figures you see as amount in the screenshot are hypothetical values and not my actual budget projection

I leave you with a thought. How do you regulate your expenses?

Author: theonlysup

Self Motivated. Optimistic , Resilient . Sometimes emotional, most of the Time Happy :)

11 thoughts on “Spend Analyzer”

  1. We usually prefer saving up by investing. Either in insurance policies or bonds or even properties for that matter. Although this thing looks great still you have the liberty to take out the money and somehow jeopardize your saving plans. Good post😃

    1. Well insurance isn’t an investment. Its a life cover(risk cover)
      Yes u can always invest in various asset classes including mutual funds , real estate , gold etf , govt bond so on and so forth .. That’s a different story. Emphasis here is how banks are giving us automated tools for managing..

      1. No idea about India but in the country where I live there are insurance policies which provide coverage as well as savings plan. In the sense that once the term matures you get a return on your investment along with an added interest. It depends on you once the policy matures if you want to withdraw the whole amount as lump sum or in installments every month. Not sure if such policies exist in India. People get a high ROI on such policies. As far analyzers are concerned this thing doesn’t really help much as end of the day you are the one controlling the amount you spend and save. It doesn’t provide a basis for structured savings. Ya it does help you keep a track of your expenses but doesn’t go a long way in what you call as “long term forced savings”.

      2. Well u r mistaking this post for ways of investment it saving.
        These are not tools for u to help u invest . well if u ask me I would say we should make a goal base financial planning. What is the goal and what is time horizon then u decide upon what asset class u want to invest in. Equity, debt, hybrid so on.. Well we have policies which gives u money on maturity but returns is low . but you should never buy an insurance policies just to get returns .. I already told I have better ways of measuring and regulating my finances .. This is just an experiment to know new automation done by bank..
        Structured savings happens when u understand the financial goals and do systematic investments on the right financial products .. Whether long term or short term ..

  2. That was a good post… Very informative…although I don’t actually do banking on a regular basis…
    Thanks a lot for posting this, though! 🙂

      1. Um, that’s good. 🙂
        Yea, even I have an application for that…
        In fact, there are several online! 🙂

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