a short note to techhnical recruiters

For all recruiters out there have these in mind befoe you recruit someone

  • i see recruiters asking questions like “what is the gurantee that you would join the company if i release the offer letter”
  • Really? who would assure you this ? do you assure candidate that you wont fire him/her after recruitment?
    cmon , if the offer is good enough and seems like a win-win situation for both candidates as well as business they would definitely accept
    else they would look for better offer .
  • when you recruit a candidate for some specific technology and role make sure what he sees is what he gets..
    confirm the candidate that mentioned job description is inline with the project requiement and he gets to work on the same platform
    other wise it would be a clear case of hiding of information, should there be any disconnect.
  • Give the candidate enough information/clarification when asked instead of making vague statements.it might be on salary split up and financial benefits , polices
  • if you think “lets create a pool of people with different technology and then allocate them to a project as and when requirements come..”,
    may be it appears good but i dont buy this idea . you may be planning it wrong
    by doing this there is a negative aspect also that you recruit people and there is no requirement at all , you will end up consuming
    people’s productive time ,making them wait endlessly to get billed in the project .
    you pay them for nothing and they loose their skills by doing nothing produtive. loose-loose situation
  • Remember its not only  the candidate, who is seeking and opportunity , there is a demand raised by the business as well as they need technology experts in a specific platform which is why you are hiring. so do not get very aggressive while making any kind of salary negotiation for you may lose potential candidates.(it applies to candidate as well)

folk have you come across any challenges during recruitment? share here



Author: theonlysup

Self Motivated. Optimistic , Resilient . Sometimes emotional, most of the Time Happy :)

28 thoughts on “a short note to techhnical recruiters”

  1. Recruiting and recruiting interviews is a lot of fun, I’ve enjoyed my fair share .. but ya I get want you say.. creating a pool and then allocating is not fun at all!

  2. Most of the interview experiences I have heard of are very formulaic – I don’t see any connect being established between the demand and the supply. You just try to match someone forcibly into a particular opening and be done with. Careers are ruined through this process!

  3. Very well written!!
    As long as an employee is being assigned work as per agreement, treated well as well as paid well, there is no reason for him to resign and join another company!!

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