thank you note to my supervisor

As it is my last day in this organisation , i thought it would be unfair if i do not thank my supervisor for the way we had been engaged in the execution of the project .

i generally have this habit of sending thank you note to customers for using our software services for their needs . it makes them feel valued and im sure they will look forward to engage us again for their next requirements happily . but it is also my duty to thank the mentor for extended support during project life cycle .

below is the extract from my mail

Hi xxxxx,

It’s been a very good journey during the project work with you. you have always believed in my potential right from the requirement phase to execution phase.

I always appreciate you for giving me the freedom to execute the project in my way , opportunity to choose the suitable technology and  architecture and gracefully accepted my thought process .

You have been a very good mentor for me and I must say you’re the leader who gave me an opportunity to lead without title .

It would be unfair if I do not Thank you and your team  for all your support  as I take a step ahead to explore new opportunity as Technical Lead in new organization . hope someday our paths intersect .

i preferred to keep it short instead of writing huge mail as i had already had a verbal communication expressing my sincere gratitude and appreciation for all the support.

well when you are leaving the organisation why not end it with a good note..

i leave it to you.. do share your views


Author: theonlysup

Self Motivated. Optimistic , Resilient . Sometimes emotional, most of the Time Happy :)

44 thoughts on “thank you note to my supervisor”

  1. Thats a really nice note to extend one’s impassioned gratitude..
    A nice gesture too.
    Learned this from you now. ☺ – Cezane

    1. thank you 🙂 as i told .. i would like to end it with a happy note. no matter how many arguments we had during the process but this should make them forget that

  2. Of course, this is a good practice which should be adopted by all…thumbs up.
    I heard people shouting and leaving the organization. And I was thinking how would it be when it’s my own turn..

      1. hmm.. we donno what’s going to happen tomorrow.. so why should we leave the organization leaving a negative impression on the final day.. it has to be a cheerful exit.. and as you told it all depends on the rapport we have.

  3. This is a really useful post; and enjoyable to read too. I like your spirit. It is also brilliant of you to end as you did. After all the world is round.You may still meet somewhere else.

    1. Very true.. I see people still google for last DAy mail examples.. And people hardly read that too.. So as u said I prefer thank personally for the kind of rapport we shared and guidance I got during process

  4. That’s a different level of writing . I have seen people writing about life philosophies, technologies, current affairs, daily happenings but this piece of information is a blend of expanding the insight, manners and etiquette which the society of today lags in great amount. This is highly useful for the people like us who are on the verge of taking that one big transition. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks friend.. I appreciate any kind of support I get during the process.
      They valued my work and effort and in return I must at least say thanks .
      Leader must also ensure to grow more leaders around . they did so . hence the appreciation.
      Glad u liked it.

  5. wow !! very very Polite way of ending something with a new start .. quite reciprocal N lovely gesture . This shows you a wonderful soul 🙂 stay blessed and keep going pal

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