Simply Blogging

we all like blogging. It’s yet another way to express our views.
But let’s keep these things in mind while blogging.

Blogging Can be Fun :
For many of us it’s a stress buster. People are fed up with their usual routine work with their stress level elevated. People can post blog, comment or read the articles and exchange views
Don’t take things Personally often:
For few of them blogging is very personal as they write articles about their personal life. And any negative comment on that is taken as offensive thing. But remember if blogging is inducing more negative emotions within you then it’s time to either give ur blog a different dimension or  Practice different hobby or become more emotionally stronger person and be more receptive towards negative comments and respond accordingly
Be creative
People like innovative ideas, what’s the fun in copy pasting from different source. Even if u don’t post the content daily, or u don’t have a good command over English(like me) ,no Problem ,but do write something of our own .
Follow good etiquette
Do respect the fellow bloggers and their views. Avoid ranting and abusing.
Let the comment be confined to the topic and it should be relevant to topic
Reduce advertising of Products

People do post some very informative stuff (not the post like this). Let’s learn from it.
In fact I learnt plenty of things after I started reading blogs and explored many unknown facts.
And also keep updating the information on blogs.
Keep learning , keep achieving . cheers.

Wp is a place where zillion of thought provoking ideas are shared. Its amazing to know how futuristic ,innovative and informative things are shared on 1 single platform.

I have been blogging since a few years now caught by glamorous whirlwind of WP. Every author has been a fantastic teacher to me .Few content intersect with my viewpoint and few don’t. but I learn the lessons and pass on the lesson.

Long back accidentally I stumbled upon some article that has been a kind of paradigm shift or transitional thing happened only to rediscover My writing skills with an aim to share different sorts of information . Of course I found some article had a hair pulling effect too. The moment I hit publish 1000 thoughts used to wander over my mind thinking about responses I would get. But eventually they were certainly inspiring, overwhelming and few critical too.

This is fun. And the lesson I learnt from blogging is if you haven’t recognized and owned a talent or positive trait within yourself, it’s impossible for you to see it in another. You won’t be able to appreciate it in someone else.

The photography, the poetries, and loads of information so sufficient to right click my stress level And hit refresh.



Author: theonlysup

Self Motivated. Optimistic , Resilient . Sometimes emotional, most of the Time Happy :)

41 thoughts on “Simply Blogging”

  1. This is a refreshingly different post. You wrote the post with added wisdom and experience. You’re totally right and I agree with you. Thanks for your unbiased advice for fellow bloggers. Keep it up.

      1. Random thoughts are the best!! Of course thoroughly enjoy all your other posts. This is just a different version of you 🙂
        And I know Sup always awake late at night!! Don’t you ever get late for office lol :p

  2. Great tips and guidance.
    I think learning is the most key aspect in Blogging.
    Learn more and enjoy the time we have here.☺ – Cezane

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