Time and again it has happened that we start expecting much when we fall in a relationship

Now here is a things which I observed which can lead to a hole in the ship of relationship

People want their partners to change, she expects him to think like she do and he expect her to feel and behave in a way he like her to. I’m sorry guys this doesn’t work like this. May be they need a large amount of acceptance over here.

Sometimes an ugly feeling may creep in Ur mind that if she/he doesn’t like the way I am then why did he/she accept me initially. what I say is do not enforce a change in a behavior or a thought process of your partner until it is for betterment and your partner understand it and agrees to it .

Both have their own principles in life they follow they believe in different thought process.

But in marriages and relationships, these are to be share with each other. See if these can work in situation where you both need to make strong decisions.

Ok I leave you with this thought for today

“Stop blaming others. Change is a part of life and let it start with you”D

Author: theonlysup

Self Motivated. Optimistic , Resilient . Sometimes emotional, most of the Time Happy :)

23 thoughts on “Acceptance”

  1. A very strong point which is often ignored. I have done the same. Due to my experiences of the past, I didn’t want to change for anyone but that didn’t help, and made things all the more difficult. What I realized is that we need to bend a little, mould ourselves and when the other person does the same things will become smooth. 🙂

  2. There is a secret..a secret way in every relationship to make it smoother.. And only the couples can discover that unique way ..and sometimes they could understand it in a few weeks, sometimes a few months, and sometime a few years..And unfortunately there are couples who never decode that secret..

  3. Any relationship for that matter is successful only if both walk a few steps towards each other, bend a little when the situation demands. It is always an equation of give and take. Change and evolve for the better is the key for the relationship to blossom.

  4. Finally. A post from my brother. Been checking almost everyday. 😃
    What you wrote here is precisely on the spot considering the world and what it has come to in relationship matters.
    The message at the end…Wow!!
    Utterly splendidn Brother. I hope your doing great. All well..? 🙂 -Cezane

  5. That’s yet another powerful post Sup:)
    It’s truly important in a relationship to be just happy and make the other person feel ur happiness only then the relationship can flourish
    I guess, happiness is the keylink of every relationships…!

  6. It is more like, when someone tries to bend you, initially it feels okay. But sooner or later, you begin to feel insecure about yourself. With time, this increases and irritates you thereby affecting the relationship. If every person tries to understand this from ones own point of view (Empathy in short), we might watch our expectations and this would improve relations.

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