Call of duty v/s call of beauty

I like greenery, serenity. I would love my own house to be amidst nature. A little away from usual main road and traffic.
The calmness should pervade my home surroundings .
The rain , the trees, the aroma of flowers , the dew drops on the plant leaves , the fresh oxygen .. Wouldn’t this make u feel close to nature.

Yes I would definitely stay there.
if I take the house in such places it definitely would reduce my cost/ budget but then I will have to compromise on the distance I travel to office .

Of course down the lane 5 to 10 yrs from now no one likes to stay amidst air pollution, traffic, noise .. But connectivity to hospitals ,schools, malls is little far away..

Just in a dilemma.. More the house is close to main road more the cost would increase.. But u miss the chance to stay amidst such greenery..

It would take a little time to decide…for now its call of duty v/s call of beauty


Author: theonlysup

Self Motivated. Optimistic , Resilient . Sometimes emotional, most of the Time Happy :)

21 thoughts on “Call of duty v/s call of beauty”

  1. So true, we are forced to choose based on duty v/s call for beauty of nature! Nice come back after a long time πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks chitra.. This is something which was in my mind since the day I started enquiring about new property .. Every new property I visit makes me think about current priorities and future also..

      1. It is tough to decide. Hope you find something that fulfills your wishes and needs… best wishes to you.

  2. yeah.. often we have this dilemma..and the dilemma increases when you need to consider interests of your family too in addition to your alone..let us know your final decision..

    1. U r correct .. I have time till this financial year. So hopefully I will get good one which meet most requirements although u can’t expect 100% at least 90% requirements should meet.

  3. I really love the title and how you crafted out this post towards a totally different perspective pointing out a major issue in our daily life today! An utterly splendid thought written in just few words! – Cezane

  4. Hey Bud, we just brough forth a post on Hope collaborated by six various bloggers from continents.
    I would love to know your take on the thought sometime… ? – Cezane

  5. True. It’s a tough decision. I would love to stay close to nature but I like buzz of the city life. I like it when it’s fast and furious. But staying close to nature is a definitely on my wish list. Atleast for a while, maybe a vacation. πŸ˜› I feel like going to the beach now. :S

      1. I’ve stayed in Bangalore. I know how bad the traffic is over there. Ugh.. I have had a bad experience. I met with an accident while crossing the road. πŸ˜₯ But luckily nothing happened.

  6. No worries Mate, the way the cities and towns are exponentially growing, the Green zones will soon convert into concrete zone within no time. I made a wise decision to escape Bangalore as it has grown beyond human control.

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