RTO has to improve

I had been RTO(Regional transport office)to apply for Driving license today and i must say it was yet another horrible experience i had .

Preparation a day before: I knew document verification would be strict so i had arranged all the document in a separate file .

now @ RTO you need to pay 30 INR and get challan . it was a huge queue and after half an hour i got into cash counter . i removed 50 INR and the first thing i heard was “change kodu guru ..” i said “50 ide . nan hatra nu illa. nodi sir.. 20 vapas kodi.” he threw my application and said give 30 rs Β come only when u have i cnt do anything .

Oops … sorry i forgot the translation .. he asked 30 and i said i have 50 INR. he denied to accept.

some how i asked people over there and got the change of 30 rs. now after that stage there is another Queue where i had o submit the form and get documents verified

it took another 45 mins to get into verification room and officer said to submit docs. i did show him the file . he said “i don’t want to see your file .. get all the documents stapled and come .” now where would i find that ..

i requested him that i have all the document and u may see .. but he denied . i had to get out of the room and go to a shop buy a stapler , pin all the documents again in the same order as i had kept in file and come back .

Now this time there was yet another shock . i had to join the new queue. it again took 20 mins .. after verifying all docs he asked birth certificate original and unfortunately i dint have . but said, i have a pic of it in my mobile i can show you . but he said he want the paper in his hand . i said i can give you an alternative document as an age proof .. but he did not accept.

finally i had to come back to home. but the task was incomplete .

But during the process the people over there treated me as if i was their slave till death .

i know most of the government offices are corrupted and people are not so well behaved over there. but yeah people like me who like to be polite and gentle with them will have to bear this .

BTW the office was RTO Jayanagar Bangalore.

Did you have a Β similar experience when u applied for license





Author: theonlysup

Self Motivated. Optimistic , Resilient . Sometimes emotional, most of the Time Happy :)

25 thoughts on “RTO has to improve”

  1. Yes this happens when I was applying for plates for my car. I went back 3 times. One time the lady said the paper I had was not the right one but it was the only paper given to be during the sale of my car. So yes I know how frustrating being sent away can be. I always wonder why are these workers so hateful. But we need them to pass or get the appropriate papers. I hope you have a better experience next time you go. Good luck my friend!

      1. Oh my I know and feel your pain. Our offices are located in the downtown and finding parking is almost just as bad but being turned away to only return later is certainly a test of patience. So have a cup of coffee and rest and then go back with a renewed spirit of victory. πŸ˜€ Maybe! Good luck!

  2. This is similar to my first encounter with the RTO officials, but then I heard it is way more easier to get a license via driving school, so the next time I applied for license was from a driving school and I must say it did not even made me stand in a queue or something, everything happened within 30 minutes on the day of driving test and within a week or two I got my original DL card. One thing that would bother is a little extra money you pay to the driving school but it is worth than quarreling with those RTO officials.

  3. I can understand this very well. I have been to post office in Bangalore. The person on other side of the counter doesn’t do anything. They just sit and gossip in Kannada. Once one old couple had come to post something, me and my friend were in queue right behind them. What we witnessed was so cruel and hopeless, the couple were given a form to fill by those maniacs at the counter. The couple mentioned something about them not being literate and they needed help with that form. That lady bluntly ignored their request and continued chatting with equally lazy co workers. My friend helped them out and filled the form for them. That’s the status of the employees in these government sectors. It’s like they are doing us a favour by even responding. Anyways:
    Hey there! Congratulations! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ I have nominated you for the One lovely blog award. You have a great blog with a great flow of beautiful words! Here is the link for the same –> https://ultimatesolace.wordpress.com/2016/04/09/one-lovely-blog-2016/

  4. Surprisingly I have had great experience – RTO Ahmedabad was for me. But then, Bangalore was never known for making things easy and convenient for the people. Good luck πŸ™‚

  5. Yeah … some Wat similar experience… Mine was in Yelahanka Bangalore..

    Had to shift from queue se queue … to get the things done …
    Luckily ma friend was with me… so while one goes to get the xerox other will stand in the queue…saved the time :p

  6. I wonder when this will change because it’s difficult. mindsets, way of working, work environment, ethics etc all play a big role in this and in the end it’s usually about the person’s attitude. Sorry you had a bad experience. I had similar sort of experience 10 years ago when I got my learner’s licence.

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