What do you do with what you have ??

Many a time we crib about not having a specific quality in us.  May be a good physique , or a great intelligence like Einstein ,might be anything.
But I have long back realized that it’s not what you have ,but what you do with what you have matters.
Somewhere I read stallone  (Rocky) got rejected multiple times because he had a defective jaw and partial part of left face is paralyzed and most of what he spoke could not be understood clearly.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was rejected because he had Russian accent .

Tamil superstar rajanikant is not that handsome enough like other heroes
But still he is a superstar of south India.

But then look at these guys now . its not what they have its what they do with what they have. Its their talent, passion which made them what they are now.
They have that super power which people call it talent. They turned their negatives to strength..

What do you folk think. You like to sit pissed or would you get up and explore your inner potential.  Let me know.


Author: theonlysup

Self Motivated. Optimistic , Resilient . Sometimes emotional, most of the Time Happy :)

46 thoughts on “What do you do with what you have ??”

  1. Haha… I think Schwarzenegger has the most horrible Austrian(!) accent ever! I don’t know who got the idea of a Russian accent… lol! That is completely different.
    But truth! It is not about what we don’t have, but what we make of what we do have. And that way more is coming into our lives!

  2. I like cribbing at times. It can be fun πŸ˜€ Also, it really helps to calm down and slowly starts pointing me towards the solution part of it; or at least make peace with it.

  3. Very important point you’ve made – the choice is ours if we want to feel dejected for not having something that others have or making best use of what we have (and others might not have)!
    I will go with the former.

  4. It seems you are a good observant or probably a person of intricacy, who goes to every depths to add essence to what you write. Simple and Nice way to inspire . Keep it up (y)

    1. Thanks rahasya. I’m observant yes. But not opinionated too much. But yeah I guess I write few things which are driving forces to keep me going towards betterment. I pick up positive from every aspect of life. Hope u liked it πŸ™‚ keep reading

  5. I donno, how I missed this thoughtful post..
    You are absolutely true. And I liked the way you mentioned Rajnikanth
    Finding one’s own strength and weakness, it is a bit difficult task. And often we can’t realise it ourselves.

  6. This is a great post!! Truly, its only how much talented you are that matters, not what others say or do πŸ™‚
    Anyways I still don’t like Rajnikanth :p You like him?? He’s definitely very well maintained for his age though πŸ™‚
    Mahesh Babu and Ramcharan are great!! I’ve watched their dubbed movies!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  7. “What do you do with what you have” a very new dimension to the line”desire for others possession”. That tag makes us to flip back to our pages of life to discover/ realize what actually have we done throughout the days. Sadly, it lets us know that we had exhausted our lives not by living for others, but by living the lives of others. ( just a preposition makes a difference! That’s it! Just an unnoticed talent or character in us can make a difference).
    Good thought.

    1. Thank u so much for this wonderful insights. I believe in utilizing the resources we have efficiently than cribbing for what we don’t have.
      Realization takes time though ..
      U said it right talent should not go unnoticed .

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