Try going beyond comfort zone

how many of us like being in our own comfort zone . ? may be in your office , or at Β your home. people like doing the work which they are comfortable with and they do not think of going beyond that .

routine work after a poimt of time doesnt seem exciting anymore . why not explore more ?

why not learn the skill you never learned before ?

why not do the work you never did before ?

why not say things to your dear one which you never said before ?

you are master in your own specific domain, field and area of interest . yeah agreed ! but a thought surpasses my mind . what would happen if you take time to do a little different thing . go an extra mile . wear a different shoes and walk

i certainly have seen the difference and i have explored many good opportunities in life .

waking up an hour early a day and go for a walk and breath in fresh oxygen

meeting old friends after a long time .

plan for a short tour and explore the other side of the world

learn new technical skills , art , read great books .

i always believed..

“victims love leisure , leaders love learning “-robin sharma

do you feel above makes some difference .

all i meant to say there are hundreds of things you could try doing in life beyond your comfort zone . identify them and see what magical things happen in your life

Author: theonlysup

Self Motivated. Optimistic , Resilient . Sometimes emotional, most of the Time Happy :)

47 thoughts on “Try going beyond comfort zone”

  1. I connect with this! There is a post sitting in my draft about comfort zone, when we fall out without having a choice. But a change is a refreshing, I agree. One step at a time can do wonders.

  2. yea.. life without changes is in fact should definitely come out his/her comfort zone to explore the wonders of the world..

  3. First of all… Welcome back dear… Really missed your awesome posts πŸ™‚
    Stepping out from your comfort zone and do something different is indeed an awesome idea.
    Good post!! πŸ™‚

  4. okay. istella engliss baralla. kannada dalli reply madana.

    Victims love leisure and also blame on leaders for not spending their time in enjoying their lives. This makes me go back to few years back when there was a guy in our ChannelW ….Chetan Bhagat quote hidkondu sundays na enjoy madi antha eno haaki konege neevu bharat ibru avnge chenag mann muksiddu. ROFL.

    I read a lot. and many of my friends predict that one day I am going to regret that i wasted my 20’s in reading and not enjoying.

    Waking an hour before. Yes. From past 2 months I am waking up at sharp 4. An hour before Robin Sharma’s 5AM Club. And as he says, it has benefited me a lot. Gave lot of time to shape myself into a better person. All thyanks to you too for being my role model since day 1. Honestly, you inspire me a lot Sup to venture into spaces unknown and to be more enthusiastic in a rather dry office environment.

    Your blogs are definitely a combo of visual treat + pulsating pickle for brains. Keep writing more such blogs.

    One should let go of tika ganchali/tika bhaara in order to come out of comfort zone. adu jasthi janakke agalla ade problem nam generation du.

    1. Reading is good. time is never wasted until you wasted until u waste it every time haha.. I have been procrastinating few things earlier and when finally when I decided to take a step ahead I felt I could have taken this bold step and then when I started doing things less tried i started getting benefits. people have become less adaptive hence they want to remain where they are .yeah I remember that Channelw comments we used to give . haha. Adeno heltaralla desha sutti nodbeku kosha odhi nodbeku anta .. Aa reeti prayatnagalu.and yeah Jana t ganchali kammi madkondashtu avrge upyoga.

      Glad that u are part of 5am club.enjoy what u do
      Keep learning keep achieving .cheers

  5. This is great advice indeed. Highly appreciated. If we do the same things in the same way, because we are comfortable, of course, we will get the same results; no progress. Thanks for advising and inspiring.

  6. Thanks for writing this post. I truly believe that a person gets to know himself or herself the more he or she explores the periphery of his or her comfort zone. πŸ™‚

  7. Living a life without changes is lifeless. To learn something new indeed makes life much more interesting. Opportunities come in when we do so and we can learn more about ourselves at the same time. Brilliant post! πŸ™‚

  8. I have always thought about this. Going out of the comfort zone isn’t easy. But it could be deeply satisfying. πŸ™‚
    I have been trying new stuff lately. As you have written, I’m also planning a short trip. I was in a dilemma when I came across your post. So let me ask you for guidance. I’m planning a visit to Bangalore. Could you tell me tourist spots nearby? Maybe within 1 to 2 hours around Bangalore? πŸ˜€

      1. Skandagiri is sunrise view point. People who love Lil bit of trekking can enjoy..shivanasamudra is another some 3 hrs journey from Bangalore. Mekedatu is there.. I will give u list of places .. Tell me dates u prefer to come..

      2. Hey Sup! I am here again for some gyan. Can you tell me skandagiri timings and how long the trek will take, what time we should start and all?

      3. From Bangalore it is 75km . people prefer night trek . 5am is preferable time according to me to be there . even if u reach chikballapur by 2 or 3 am I think its fine. But do ur research. U will get guides for 500 to 800 rs. Take them. Be in group. Don’t forget torch and jerkins . also some food. Trekking might take 2 to 3 hrs .
        First confirm if its open for night trek .

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