Have your created you After Note ??

I had written couple of post on how helpful is the documentation you create about your assets and financial details in case of death. Your dependents are likely to get the information more quicker than usual.

Now I’m gonna discuss about 2 other things which I did recently

I was just wondering what happens to my investments and savings after my death. That is definitely adding up to my Net Asset Value. How will my nominee be able to find the information at the faster rate?

So I found something called “SecureSafe

Go, Google “securesafe password manager”. Here I can store my login credentials of different financial institution’s site. With encryption.

I’m still on trial run because though I’m convinced that it’s completely safe but still 1% risk is always there when you go online.

You can also upload important files. Now problem here is I can upload only up to 10MB. If you want more then there is a paid service available for it.

Now the 2nd interesting site is AfterNote :


this I used to create my bucket list , my messages to be delivered to my nominees/dear ones etc. after my death , wishes I would like to deliver after my death .

Now I can also store and share information about my financial, medical information

Share info about what should happen to my internet accounts. Should someone deactivate it explicitly or should someone continue using it

What should happen to my telephone bills, rent, and other online subscriptions?

So this way there are lot of information that needs to be shared to your nominees so that they can carry out the instructions easily and lot of mess could be avoided

People can check this site out and let me know how you find this.

Check security options always

The catch here is you have to choose two trustees who can have access to this account and ensure that your last wishes are fulfilled. But my concern here is they should only have read access and should be trustworthy too.


Author: theonlysup

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33 thoughts on “Have your created you After Note ??”

      1. Then its a difficult automation . as u told system will not know when u have expired.. But yeah I’m still exploring it. May be u can try and figure out if u find any option without trustees. Also I also want trustees to only have read access .not modify access. That way my data is Lil more safer

    1. i should be doing 🙂 im very organised about these things . yes u r right since these are financial details i always prefer security 1st . rest wishes and bucket list can be shared ..

  1. Never knew about this feature. Thanks a ton for the valued information. I have seen relatives panic when of the earning member or the one who knows all the household information passes and then the whole family is in jeopardy as to what and when to do what.
    Will surely check this out.! Thanks once again.

    1. Check the security feature also.. Keep exploring things. And yeah u said it right instead of family spending lot of efforts finding document and information its better to keep things organized and reachable

    1. Thank you . glad if that helps you..
      Please ensure to take all necessary information security measure.
      Let me know how u find this afternote site as u explore more .

  2. ha ha last line enthadu adu…. they should only have read access and should be trustworthy too. Developer brains ell hodru constraints hakodu bidalla.

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