Comparison good or bad?

How many times we have seen people comparing us with others, may be our parents or your supervisor at work place or relatives.

Now I do not believe that we should be compared with others and make a judgment on our abilities

Each person has a unique skills which is been developed over the years and by experience.

Now why would someone compare us with others? Because of expectations? Most of the time, its YES

Life has become a rat race, and if you don’t win the race you will perish is the ideology people believe. Hence all these comes into picture.

I ask them gently, if Edison’s mother had compared him with the rest of the children and said you are useless, would he be successful? But that’s what his teacher did perhaps.

Many parents, teachers or manager at work believe that if you compared with rest, you will feel guilty about your worthlessness and you will start improving. I say NO. This in fact bring down the morale

Of course we can always learn from successful people in that field but comparison is not good.

You might have a unique skill which he even don’t have. Point is to recognize those, identify the loophole and facts that’s hindering you from moving ahead and make an action plan

So now what do you folks think. Does comparison help you or does encouragement help you?


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Author: theonlysup

Self Motivated. Optimistic , Resilient . Sometimes emotional, most of the Time Happy :)

35 thoughts on “Comparison good or bad?”

  1. Well, I disagree. I believe a fair bit of criticism does help you push yourself into negating your flaws. Of course, no two people can be compared without a bias-one is always going to be better than the other and vice versa in every activity. Criticism taken and delivered well can be constructive, and it doesnt always bring down the morale.

    1. Thank you very much for reading and responding. i still believe one should be compared only with his former self just to ensure he is doing better than what he was doing yesterday . when you compare your kids , your subordinates with others your acceptance level fall down . getting inspired by others is a different thing . look at what happens when you say to ur kids , look at your neighbor how intelligent is he and look at you , you are hopeless , and see what happens when you tell your kid that i will help you in reaching the milestone and i believe you can definitely improve than before on this . that’s what i focusing on ..
      By comparing we always end up find faults and reprimanding and we forget catch-them-doing-right principle.

      1. You have a very good point, but comparison can also be a positive-you may have done better than someone else-thats always good, and inspires you to do more.
        A negative comparison can also be good for someone, if its delivered correctly.

  2. You are right that we tend to compare people. As a mother of three I learned that this never makes sense and I love the way how my children are different. I think we should only compare ourselves with ourselves in a way of looking back, seeing how far we’ve come and looking forward to have a target where we would like to arrive next.

  3. Comparison … thumbs down. It always makes a person feel small and inadequate. We all need to embrace one another for who we are, accepting us just as IS. 🙂

  4. Comparison is like negative enforcement. It is not appreciated. a better way is to motivate and guide to the right talent and to become a better person.

  5. comparison can be quite hurting, at least it is bound to hurt one of the parties! that is why I don’t compare people and I ignore it when someone tries to compare me with someone 🙂

  6. Dear Supreet. Although I am leaving Pearls, my blog behind soon. I wish to still follow your blog. Thank you for being part of my faithful Core<3

      1. Sorry Supreet:-( I will stay in touch my dear friend. Hope you will check out my new website when it is up and running. Have a blessed day<3 Love, Isabella

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