Help them Grow as Leaders

I see 2 category of people again. Those who help people succeed and those who laugh at other’s failure

I definitely appreciate the Category “A” people for the only reason, they help grow more leaders

They guide people to achieve their milestone, they know how hard it was for them to reach pinnacle and they wish to share the ideas on reaching pinnacle with others.

There is a positive vibe when you are surrounded with such people

These are the people who believe in positive transformation of self and the society

They believe country needs more true leaders and they can help people evolve as leaders

Now we also see many people around us, who never contribute in other’s significant work. Never help or guide people, never succeed themselves. But they just mock at other’s failure.

Now surround yourself with such people and look at what you become in few days.

So what do you want to be called as? Leaders or victims? With whom do you wish to be surrounded with?

I leave you with this thought –

“Think about the People in your Life who need to be cherished, appreciated and told that their support has been helpful”

(No need to update some status in FB that u love them. just be grateful to them. Ha-ha 😉 )

I like to thank all the people who lifted my morale when I was down and guided me achieve few of the milestones I have set in my life.

This was also a part of a 5 day Photo challenge . I just random thought which come across my mind today and I made an attempt to share this . attaching a photo regarding the same



Author: theonlysup

Self Motivated. Optimistic , Resilient . Sometimes emotional, most of the Time Happy :)

53 thoughts on “Help them Grow as Leaders”

  1. Yes, A very true perception…! Though Kreng filtered a very true thought…Those kinda Ppl are very rare – Extinct may be the right Word 😀 nearly 2 % people are generous !

    People just pretend that they are with you – Bitter but Unfortunate truth…!

    1. Thanks Pragati. but yes there are people who are true mentors. we just have to find them . they may not directly help you but may show u the path which could help u succeed..
      best wishes

  2. You forgot about those who become obstacles in other people’s journey just to prevent them from taking over. I am glad you are surrounded by positive, encouraging folks!

    1. Yeah category B people which I spoke in blog are those who are directly or indirectly obstacles in the people’s journey towards success.. May u be blessed with great people too in life..

  3. Very good post to that challenge, Supreet! I just thought that also “category” B can be of a big support. Right those people can trigger sometthing within us that motivates to show them that we can do better!

    1. u r right Erika . but u cant be surrounded with them all the time .. one of teacher used to say when i was in elementary school “tell me who your friends are. i will tel you who you are ” 🙂

      1. Oh, that is right of course. The way we are defines the people who surrounds us… that’s clear. That way we have to change something and even if it is oly the choice of our “friends” which actually is a result of a changed mind.

  4. If everyone needs to learn from scratch for themselves then our society will never move forward. If we share with others what we have discovered then they can build on that and make our ideas and theories better than it was. And in that way, we move forward. That is the basis of evolution. The category B persons hamper progress.

    My background is science and research so that’s the way I interpreted what you wrote. Lol

  5. Excellent realization. It goes along with a commencement speech at my college graduation, given by US marine biologist Bob (Robert) Ballard- his research team discovered the wreck of the Titanic. The gist of the speech was to treat people well as you climb the ladder of success because at some point, you will fall back down as someone else takes over the peak. And that fall will be slower and softer if you have been kind and supportive as you went up. If you treat people harshly, the fall will be swift and hard. Life will always treat you with more kindness if that’s what you put out to people. I love your graphic.

  6. A great post. Unlike what some people say, the world is full of people who have loving hearts and like to see others succeed. Truly, the others are many as well. But I like to focus on the positive side. Thanks for sharing this great post.

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