Increased Productivity? Keep these in mind

I was reading an article which mentions the factors for increased productivity.

Below is my take on it

Stop working overtime and increase your productivity

We all know, in the IT industry many of us work beyond our time limits just to meet deadlines and make customers happy.

But increased overtime duty may deplete your energy level is what I feel

Productivity is not about increase in the work time, but managing our energy to achieve excellence is what I believe. That’s the reason MNC gives weekend as holiday .to refuel your energy , thoughts and come back to work with greater enthusiasm

Learn to say No

We don’t have to accept every task at our bin. Result would be disastrous because when fail to complete everything, on time and effectively. We are not just over burdening ourselves with pile of work but reducing our competency level too due to exhausted mind by taking almost everything.

DO NOT hesitate to say NO when there no way you can manage an extra task when already there is stack of tasks. I have written whole article called “No is a complicated word” go read that

Stop doing everything yourself

Yeah work in a corporate office where we believe in collaboration. Why not take advantage of that

When I had joined my first project I wanted to finish all my task on my own and never seeked help

Initially it was good but then gradually when things became complex, people expected that I wouldn’t ask for help and I can do it all independently. I realized how my brain exhausted thinking about solutions all alone. My mentor then advised me find the mentor within the team who could help me complete things. Nothing wrong in collaborating. We often need to talk to different people within and outside the team to achieve the common objective

Stop being a perfectionist

So now here is the point for our managers. They believe they are perfectionists and they expect us to be the same. Yesterday I saw a video which co-blogger Isabella (Pearls) posted which gave an incredible message of being perfectly imperfect.

Rather we should concentrate more of awareness and adjustments than focusing too much on the things just for the sake of being perfect and miss the bigger picture.

Stop doing repetitive tasks and start automating it.

. be it a personal finance Management , be it a regular task at office , if we have a tool , a website , a software which could automate the process of doing regular task how much of unnecessary efforts are we reducing . Think about it. I use lot of Web Applications and other tools for this sake

Stop guessing and start backing up your decisions with data

Now this is critical, I always rely on facts and figures when deciding on something.

Mostly in my financial planning. I do survey, ask opinion, collect the data, compare, and then decide

So most of them turn out to be good decision.

So what do you think? Does these point help you? If yes, in what way?

Ok now this was written as a part of inspiring blogger award yet again.


Author: theonlysup

Self Motivated. Optimistic , Resilient . Sometimes emotional, most of the Time Happy :)

35 thoughts on “Increased Productivity? Keep these in mind”

  1. Basically I go with your suggestions. But when you are dependent on that job and have a family to fee it often is a tightrope walk between saying No and still not being sent home.

  2. Automatic water timers on my garden free up a lot of time. Software that automatically repairs and optimizes my computer has also been very nice for me. I also agree with you about energy management. When energy and clarity are not up to par, mistakes and dullness can really damage productivity. With some experience in our work, intuition can also help us with decisions such as when to say yes or no, but data is also very helpful. About perfectionism, there is a point where good enough is reached and time spent after that is wasted. These points are all things I have used as a carpenter, landscaper, and farmer, and they do increase productivity.

  3. Really great advice. Saying NO can be difficult, though one I’ve learned to do and have found I am a happier person because of it. Also asking for help…that too can be difficult for me. I find it is much easier for me to do it than to ask and have to explain how it’s done. I am making more time for myself which is totally foreign as I am the kind of person that will give of my time to the point of exhaustion. Great post. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank u for ur valuable feedback. Yeah asking help can be difficult for the ones who like to work independently. But when you tasks are complex u may need guidance. So in that case u may seek help .

  4. Each and every point is just so true!! It is very important for the various companies to understand that overworking won’t do! A balanced delegation it very necessary, this way the employee won’t feel like running away and may end up being an employee for decades!!!
    Excellent post indeed 🙂

    1. Thank you sukanya. Glad that u found it worthy . u got the point . I see organization have wrong depiction about being productive. So thought of sharing my views. Glad u liked

  5. Very true…We should be zealous but not over zealous, confident but not over confident, active but not hyper active, co-operative but not submissive and lastly qualitative but not quantitative…and when we will be able to put up this very image of us, will be better for ourselves and the persons surrounded with us…Very Useful post to cross each other many more times…

  6. This is very well written!! IT sector is very very hectic. My seniors who are doing jobs are perpetually tired, I’ll send them a link of your article, I’m sure they’ll find it helpful 🙂

  7. Great piece of advice! Thanks for sharing this. 🙂 I guess I should work on the productivity aspect… I’ve already been working on the “saying no” part. But, I do feel that perfection is needed in some things. It’s okay not to be perfect (and I have an article written in support of that :P), but where quality matters, perfection is key. 🙂

    1. Thank you 🙂 rather than perfection I like to call it mastery.. Yeah u r right quality takes time and near perfection . good that u have been practicing art of saying No. It helps many a time. Keep sharing and reading

    2. I nominate you for the 3 day Quote challenege . write a quote each day for 3 consecutive days . I’m sure your day will go great while you read those quotes

      1. Thanks for the nomination! You’ll be pleased to know that I have a handmade calendar with an entire bunch of enlightening and motivating quotes picked by myself. It does feel good to keep reflecting in those quotes multiple times during the day. 🙂

  8. Okay.. finally commenting on something.. Don’t mean to sound bad but most of your posts are something that i cannot relate to…not yet.. you know..investing.. marketing..blah blah.. but this one is applicable to everything.. you can say no whenever and wherever you feel like and not just when an uptight boss is giving you a hard time.. Right???

    1. Every blog are not designed to relate to every person and every situation. And my blogs are not just on investing. Thanks for the comment. Do read that article . no is a complicated word blog if time permits .

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