I’m Inspired. Cancer Awareness Campaign

I have been reading a lot recently about women who think they are dominated by opposite gender. I have always been interacting with lot of people about their achievements, failures and how they fought their difficult times. Hence again I gave it a thought to interact with people who are in the rural region.

Unfortunately I couldn’t visit the places due to some other schedule conflicting but I get monthly newsletter about the latest campaigns. Latest campaign was about anti-tobacco and cancer awareness program.

What I got to see is the tremendous amount of people who participated in the event. It was conducted in Hubli and Kamadhenu village

And most participants were ladies, supported by their husbands and their family member to gain knowledge on this. They took initiatives to spread awareness on cancer and health hazards of consuming tobacco

This was conducted by Grama Shikshana Foundation.
Women gave speech and presentations on how they can avoid ill effects of cancer. And why consuming tobacco should be avoided.

They conducted essay competitions to children to share the knowledge and spread awareness

I also got to hear from that village panchayat head popularly known as “mukhiya” in hindi and few other men who believe that a women, if empowered and educated on such important things, can educate whole village and keep her family safe.

Here are the photos which I received from the organizers of this campaign.




cancer4 cancer5

OK now interesting news is this was also supported by American Lung Associationcancer6


I feel much motivated and proud bout all the women who took part in the campaign and want to congratulate them on taking initiative to have better health.

Finally I conclude this by saying this was written as part of response to  “Inspiring Blogger” award, Nominated by Erika. Thanks Erika

Finally I conclude this by saying this was written as part of “Inspiring Blogger” award, Nominated by Erika. Thanks Erika


Author: theonlysup

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40 thoughts on “I’m Inspired. Cancer Awareness Campaign”

  1. First of all, a big congratulations, dear Sup!! And, these kinds of social awareness activities is indeed, inspiring. And, becoming a part of such activities is a blessed feeling. 🙂

      1. Yes, that exactly the organisers look for. However, glad to know that, people are lovely and eager to lean and want to help their families.

    1. Thanks Prajakta. that’s what i call as empowerment. i see people learning and taking initiatives i wish people involve in betterment of themselves and society . thank you very much 🙂

  2. Congratulations Supreet! 😉 It was a truly meaningful to raise awareness to avoid the illness. Prevention is the key to achieve that. I’m also glad to know how supportive their husband and families are to encourage them to participate in the event. Very inspiring post! ❤

    1. Thanks khloe. Yeah their families were supportive that too in the rural areas. And women who think men overpower them must know there are men who support also. Not just by words but by encouraging to participate in such events

  3. hey hi .. you are doing an amazing , terrific and hat’s off thing … it needs a lot strength to do such things .. and you have that .. hat’s offf …… 🙂

  4. Yes we need such development of society as well as mentality. And such change can only come from the grass root level. Its really great that you are interested in such programs and supporting it……we need more people who think this way 🙂
    Anyways I’ve finished writing your nomination, the Infinity Dream Award do have a look 😀

  5. This was one of the most inspiring posts I’ve seen in a very long time 🙂 I simply loved it ❤ Great work Supreet 🙂 and Congratulations ❤ God bless you 🙂

      1. I know 🙂 & I appreciate that. They are really doing a great job by helping people 🙂 I’m very happy, at least there’s still some good people in this world! ❤

      2. Hahaha…No, I’m not! 😛 But yes You Are a Great Person Supreet 🙂 and I’m very happy that I found you 🙂
        Really, you’re such a talented and lovely person with a beautiful heart ❤

        God bless you….Stay happy always 🙂

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