Infinity Dream Award and Versatile Blogger Award

So now it’s time to accept another award. And this time it Infinity Dream Award. i was also nominated by versatile blogger award . since both are asking me to write facts about me i would like to club and present these points

Thank you so much for considering me a deserving candidate for this.

So now 7 facts about me are:

  1. I’m both process and solution oriented person. I like everything to be carried out in a very organized way. of course, if I plan, I ensure that I take an action also
  2. I always look for brainstorming ideas to kick start my day at office and I continue to do the same till I’m in office whenever it is necessary.
  3. I’m busy these days creating templates for Personal finance plan and healthy living checklist
  4. I believe the more you resist the change , the more you stress yourself when there is a huge transition coming your way
  5. Recently I did a self-analysis, took psychometric test and below is the graph I received as an output
  6. PyschometricGraph
  7. I always believed happiness and peace of mind is more important than money.
  8. Knowledge is everywhere I look for it all the time at all available source to enhance my skills.
  9. This is the bonus point I’m writing haha :

Well recently I had been to a training session where I learned how you deal with difficult-to-handle kind of people

And 4 key points to remember when they are angry is :




Develop and Action Plan

Ah!! Well doesn’t this look like an acronym for LEAD?? Well that’s how Leaders are. They practice these traits


Author: theonlysup

Self Motivated. Optimistic , Resilient . Sometimes emotional, most of the Time Happy :)

37 thoughts on “Infinity Dream Award and Versatile Blogger Award”

  1. My congratulations to your two (!) awards! Wondeful! Thank you, Supreet for nominating me. As we already discussed I will publish it as soon as possible! I am so happy to get that award. Is there an image for the Infinity Dream Awared available?

      1. 😂 OMG!!!! I am so sorry! I am so way behind with my emails that I simply forgot. But here it comes:
        Your facts show clearly that you want to improve yourself constantly. You are looking behind the curtain and try to see the connection between things. There is never an ending because you see the potential of improvement in everything – and in everyone! I love the 4 points at the end, with one word: awareness! Are you better 😉

  2. yappa analysis psychometric testU…. Phew….

    neevu lethal combo of hotness + geeky stuff. Too much to handle.

    Happy Blogging!!!! Keep Inspiring !!!!

  3. Congratulations dear 🙂
    And the facts about yourself, well, I know it’s true because you show your skill through your work always.
    So keep up this work and Keep Shinning 🙂

  4. Congratulations Supreet! Very well deserved 😉 I love how you always try your best to keep things organised and that’s how you can manage everything easily. Good job! 🙂

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