TO DO – My personal Challenge

I do read lot of books , mostly on self development and i just felt a need to keep improving my daily habits , keep refueling my thoughts so that i always flush out the negatives and fill my mind with positive thoughts

so here is my personal challenge , i need to answer the below questions to my self and the share the process to the people how i am going to complete my personal challenge .

  • want better health
  • want more mental power
  • want more energy and vitality
  • want to add fun to life
  • want to fulfill dreams
  • want more serenity in life
  • powerful character
  • seek self-mastery

PS: few points above were noted while reading a book and i will be applying my methods to achieve this

I will be finding ways to achieve all the above milestone and you will be helping me do this by providing your views on this and i shall be sharing the process and impact of it in my future articles .

Keep Learning, Keep achieving



Author: theonlysup

Self Motivated. Optimistic , Resilient . Sometimes emotional, most of the Time Happy :)

40 thoughts on “TO DO – My personal Challenge”

  1. Quite a list. I will make this one after I have done with my first list which has only one thing: Clear CA 😛
    All the best with yours Sup

  2. Good list, Sup!! I’m sure you will achieve all these you have challenge yourself for.
    My best wishes are always with you.
    Keep Shinning and Keep working towards your goal!! ❤ 🙂

  3. I love your “to-do” list, Supreet. There is one word that helps to achieve all of them at once: Alignment! How to get that? Go into nature, be in the moment in order to go through the day and through everything with open eyes, meditate every day, try to see the little opportunities to do little acts of kindness, be aware of what you have and of what you are and be consciously greatful for it… Each of those things will bring the result but adding one thing at a time will boost it and change your life dramatically in no time…. OMG, this all just flew out of my fingers. Hope you don’t mind it…

    1. Alignment!! Yes that’s the key Erika ,
      when i had a similar list long back i used to sit at the garden near lake .. enjoy the nature, pick up my pen and write whatever comes to my mind . and then come home and review.
      i will have to take some time off from my busy schedule and apply my plan daily and with sincere conviction

  4. If we keep our goal clear, achievable (or dedicate our entire being or more to it) and work on it systematically we will get there, sooner or later, but do enjoy the scenery too, because you wont be able to walk this path again, even if you beg!!

    I like your way of approaching, you love to self train, have you read 48 laws of power by Robert greene or of human bondage by somerset Maugham? you may like them.

  5. I love reading self development books, i read my first book in 5th grade and ever since i’ve fallen in love with it and i think what you’re doing is a great think and i am encouraging you 🙂 🙂 good luck!

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