Disagreements and Arguments

Many a time, we have been in a situation where discussion ends up in intense arguments.

Lot of disagreement. Nevertheless, I would like to focus on certain points while discussing which helps us avoiding arguments.


When I was a developer, building web apps to Corporate Finance team, one thing I learned when making analysis or when I go for requirement gathering is to collect essential information.

All the finance guys look for is proper facts and figures.

So I suggest not just in corporate world but in day to day life routine work, if we have a good amount of reliable facts , It would help in justifying your views ,opinions


Now this is contextual thing. When you have facts, you have to understand in which context you will be using those facts, or in which context are you going to talk about those facts


Now the whole misconceptions can be avoided with a right interpretation of the matter being discussed or sentences being used.

Its always good to get acknowledgement from the other party that what you understood is in line with what they actually wanted to convey


So now, you got the interpretation right. However, the major challenge is what your approach is.

How are you going to present your views on that? What approaches do you take to take decisions which everyone can agree to.

Belief system:

Finally we all have different belief system. so it’s important to respect each other’s belief system.

This is what actually happened when we discussed about “my choice” video .

Things turned into argument. Because belief system differed and people expected only positive responses and any disagreement to it left the people offended.

Let’s not talk about that topic. But I leave you with the thought, how will you avoid disagreement turning into argument


Author: theonlysup

Self Motivated. Optimistic , Resilient . Sometimes emotional, most of the Time Happy :)

13 thoughts on “Disagreements and Arguments”

  1. When you say your opinion there will mostly be someone in a group that has to convince you that his/her opinion is the only right one. Now you can go and try to convince the other person as well. That’s simply ego speaking. Ego has to be right, ego has to win. As soon as we leave our ego aside and simply listen to other people’s opinion and arguments we either can take it as an inspiration or simply let it be what it is – an individual opinion of an individual person. Because nobody will ever win since we all are right.

    1. Ah!! thank you so much .. actually we all have faced these problems and i’m solution oriented person and always look for things which can make things simpler and better.

  2. Wow!! What a post! Like your other work this one too have something to dig in and come out with valuable info’s…
    Where different mindset and different age group people gather, there it’s natural to have disagreements and that dis agreements eventually leads to arguments too…
    And your question put me in a thinking zone… Most of the time if I get into a situation like that, I try my level best to not get into the argument thing… That’s it 😉

  3. Try to appreciate different opinions of others 🙂 Always listen first and express our opinions afterwards in a polite manner 😉 Don’t know if this is the solution, but this is what I often use and it works 😉

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