Yet Another Award

Folks ,

its a pleasure that people recognize my worth and nominate me for awards . i’m now nominated for Creative Blogger Award

Yea my blogs are in a way different as i have written on brainstorming topics recently .

so the rule of this award say i need to share few facts about me .I can go on writing pages together but I should be restricting it to 5

below are the 5 facts

  1. My Mom used to call me angry young man. I still am. However, took a lot of time to channelize it in a proper way
  2. I never like someone hurting my self-respect.
  3. I am self-motivated, resilient, person who believes in Growing, learning and moving ahead even if no one did. self-belief ,and being leader in my own role make be this way.
  4. I’m a rebellion who has his own principles and moralities in life. I do not follow any rituals or customs blindly until I understand why it is followed. I need to know the importance and scientific reason behind every custom being followed because I do not support blind belief.
  5. Β I plan my own personal finance and I believe everyone should be financially literate. I keep sharing whatever I know with the people I interact with. my theory is simple -> knowledge shared is knowledge gained

Thank you for this opportunity to share few facts about me .


Author: theonlysup

Self Motivated. Optimistic , Resilient . Sometimes emotional, most of the Time Happy :)

22 thoughts on “Yet Another Award”

  1. Angry young man. Yes Sup… mado kelsa gotagalla ee nan maklige… amele they convert us into angry people. ivatte nam relative reception ge hogi mood off madkondu banashankari laxmi bar alli idini…..

    *sings Khali quarter batli hange lifeU*

      1. naan matadilla…. ammikond nan paadige nan kuthidde. bandhu avre kesrige kaal hakiddu. u know what happens to kesru alwa. naan avr mele attack madbitte ROFL

  2. Ree supreeet…

    ee creative blogger award ge image ide…

    Please side alli ond trophy case madi haaki… enidu 3 award bandide ondu torsta illa. so selfish of you.

    plus versatile and infinity gu images ide. Google madi.

    1. image al enide bidi jana content odhli anta hage bittidini .. mukha nodi manushyan aliyakk agalla image nodi blog aliyakk agalla πŸ™‚ niv suggest madidira andre kandita haaktini

      1. Yappa image haki andre image bagge mini blog bard bisakidira. i agree. but chenagiratte…. omme trophy case haki nodi.

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