Is your Goal SMART?

I have been discussing with people enough about the savings/ investing. People also have realized why it is important.
After all, why are we working so hard? To fulfill our bigger dreams. Isn’t it?
All right, somehow reluctantly people said OK to save some money out of their salary but ever wondered,
is our current savings enough to fulfill our dreams? If not, why? (I know we dint get enough hike). It’s just lack of systematic goal setting
Is your goal SMART Enough (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely)?

I recently met an old friend who earns 15k per month and wants to own a 3BHK flat in Bangalore in 3 yrs.
I asked him how much have you saved until now, for which he answered 10k in 2 yrs.
The very first thought, which came into my mind, is how he is going to achieve it.
Instance 2)
I also met a lady who says she wants she wants 800,000 for her child’s next 10 yrs.
She has been earning 35k/month and saving 10k per month.
I appreciated her efforts. Moreover, I wished her good luck.
Do you see the difference? It is all about how clear are they about their goals, and how systematic the woman is.
I know people complain of having lack of time and patience for this. However, somewhere I read
over pessimism will kill your present & over optimism will kill your future.


Author: theonlysup

Self Motivated. Optimistic , Resilient . Sometimes emotional, most of the Time Happy :)

34 thoughts on “Is your Goal SMART?”

  1. The SMART goals reminded me so much of the good old days of studying Business. What you were saying is totally right. It’s good to dream big, but goals have to be practical. If what they are doing isn’t good enough to help achieve their dreams, then they should think of something that helps achieve their dreams 😉

  2. I totally get you. But if we never start dreaming big, if we never step over the place we are now we won’t ever get to a differnt place. It all starts in a vision we believe in. Only if we follow the realization of that vision we can make it happen. What is now, is now and of course we can only deal now with what we have now. But that doesn’t mean we have to get stuck in it.

  3. You chose a very crucial topic to write about and it’s a nicely written!
    True that we all need to be more conscious with savings so as to achieve self accomplishment one day.

    1. There are 2 aspects here i was emphasizing . a) savings
      b) goal setting
      cuz i always believed in goals based investments
      im happy the message is rightly conveyed to the audience Thanks Shruti 🙂

  4. They say that only 14% of people have goals which makes them 10x more likely to achieve success over those that do not. If that 14% then became SMARTer with their goals, like the woman you spoke to in the second example, then the result may be astounding. People would be 20x more successful, with specific goals vs. vague goals and very little planning. You present such a good point and both examples well supports your point.

    Great post, seriously! We should connect, come check me out! Just search “Toronto Life Coach” on Google, I am studying under Master Life Coach Bruno LoGreco. Keep up the inspiring work!

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