RACI Matrix

There are ample situations where I see people playing blame game . one team puts blame on another and the other tries to push the ball each other’s court

This will leave only issues unresolved. I personally hate blame games as I’m solution oriented person .

I have already written a post long back regarding the same by name “Blame it on ..”

So what I want to discuss here is what strategy I used to avoid such thing

Its called RACI Matrix.

R = RESPONSIBLE – for execution of tasks

A = ACCOUNTABLE – own the responsibility

C = CONSULTED – suggestion and advise provider

I = INFORMED –to whom status is to be updated

If I have to map each task against each of these components this is how it looks

RACI Matrix

Above is the small matrix I prepared for a quick activity. It shows who is playing what role in these activities.

I share it among all the teams involved before I start these activities and let them know that I do not expect a deviation from it during the process

This also helps in conflict resolution among teams who are confused about their roles and responsibilities for a specific task

I have just applied it for a small scenario. It can be applied for various day-to-day tasks also .

You name it, and the matrix appears for you

So folks, what your take on it ?


Author: theonlysup

Self Motivated. Optimistic , Resilient . Sometimes emotional, most of the Time Happy :)

31 thoughts on “RACI Matrix”

      1. Your strategy is amazing. Sometimes people have to be gently prodded in the right direction, while others take cues (like you) and come up with their own solutions. Like some bosses say, don’t complain unless you have at least an attempt on a solution.

      2. Yeah when we are not part of the solution, we become a problem. This method was already there and was least used. So I thought why not use it for my benefit .. And it helped

  1. That is very good. You really hit the nail on the head I’d say! I never analized it so far. But that sounds really constructive. I also back off when some start this blame game… how stupid is that? We need solutions and not guilty people all around who are frustrated and not able anymore to work for a solution.

  2. Ah! Many teams here follow this structure and it seems to work for them. My team is small… So not yet used this matrix. Great way to get some semblance on work and responsibilities 🙂

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