Be clear about what you want

We all seek for Pro tips for success sometime I was asked to share success tips by few of my juniors during a session. First question I asked them was “what is success to you?”

There was a silence for few minutes. Gradually there were responses from many.

Mr. X said “Money”, Mr. Y said “Great career”, Ms. z said “being good daughter to her parents & becoming Rich “so on and so forth. For me it sounded little generic desire.

Now I was wondering what Pro-tip I can give. “be clear about your vision and when obstacles are ahead remember u still have ray of hope when you don’t give up”

I could see some confused faces. Maybe that was some greeko-latin jargons for them.

Now I just told them to do a simple thing, which I used to do.

Make 3 columns. Name the column headers as “Goal”, “Target date”, “what’s my next Move”.

Later I had suggested to make a list of things which is stopping them achieve each of their goal.

And fill 3 rows of that table. Within 15-20 mins I could see amazing things with better clarity in what they had written. All I say is if you are clear about what you want it becomes easier to plan how to accomplish it.

I had also made them write their “bucket list” (a list of things to do before they die).

Like, I have made List of movies to watch List of Books to read and list of Places to visit.

I leave you with this beautiful thought “Nothing Rises Suddenly. Not even Sun” so have vision and work towards it systematically.


Author: theonlysup

Self Motivated. Optimistic , Resilient . Sometimes emotional, most of the Time Happy :)

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