My Answers to unanswered questions

A dear friend of mine asked me to answer this question long back which I failed to answer then. So here below are my answers

  • What is blogging according to you?

Blog can be a reflection of your personality, thoughts, ideas, experience, expressions .for me blogging is sharing all these. A knowledge-sharing medium.

  • Who is your role model for blogging?

I never had any role model but yes, there are people in my organization who inspired me to start a blog. I started to share information that people hardly thought of sharing.

I started with personal finance info.

I heard people demotivated by criticism, mocked by the other set of so-called English genius and just wanted to motivate them hence wrote few article to uplift their confidence level.

I wrote technical stuffs. That way it helped others and me to learn and share new things.

In addition, slowly I am studying corporate dynamics and trying to share innovative ideas for being better at workplace.

  • 2 things that changed your life

Life has always been a greatest teacher. 2 things that changed my life was dropping my bachelors in engineering and losing my parents. Both were challenging phases of life.

  • How do you respond to criticism?

I usually do not lose my cool on criticism because of the fact that people are going to judge you anyway but yeah I do respond back with my opinions on their opinion. I do not wish the disagreement to become an argument.but yeah there were many a times i have become impulsive too

  • 2 books which remain fresh in your memories.

Oh well I read a lot. I started with a book called “adventures of tom sawyer “,”uncle tom’s cabin “

I can keep on listing like “who will cry when you die”, “a walk to remember” so on and so forth

  • One Movie, which you suggest everybody to watch-

Ah! Well I will give you ample movies to watch.

Rocky series, pursuit of happiness, Troy , a beautiful mind, dirty rotten scoundrels, ace Ventura , IP Man, Ong Back2 , Forrest Gump , etc.

  • Your favorite blogging platform. Why?

It has to be WordPress. I have blogger account but I liked WordPress because of the customization option I have in admin panel.

Themes are good

Easy follow option

Greater visibility

Widgets are incredible


Author: theonlysup

Self Motivated. Optimistic , Resilient . Sometimes emotional, most of the Time Happy :)

32 thoughts on “My Answers to unanswered questions”

  1. Good questions. When I started blogging – hontestly – I had no idea what was blogging about. Therefore I did not have any role model at all. I just started to share my messages. I simply grew in it and I guess for about 3 – 4 months I start getting the clue… lol

      1. Oh, thank you, that was nice. But it is always a giving and receiving, Supreet. There is a mutual inspiration… I guess that’s the secret of WordPress… 😉

      2. Absolutely. That’s what it is about down here. We all need each other in order to devolop new perspectives, to get inspired for new ideas, new visions and therefore new projects. Therefore it needs the individual since everybody has somehing unique to give. The greatest things (unfortunately also the saddest) are co-creation. I also talked about that in my interview last Tuesday. I will share the link as soon as I have it.

  2. Nice post Supreet. Specially the fact that you initially did not have an answer, but after a while you do have shows that you are progressing. I mean isn’t that life all about?
    I started blogging because I loved to write. A friend asked me to start this blog. My role model is a senior at college who writes so well that I was inspired by her. 🙂

    1. Ah yeah I also used to write in a dairy.. I wrote poems , quotes, plans ..and I still have a journal. You can read my post “three things in my journal”

  3. Supreet,
    It’s an honour to come across a man who speaks his heart, follows his heart, and, most importantly, does not follow the crowd but creates his own set of fans. I admire the fact that you fought in life to reach the destination that you have reached today.
    Wishing you all the very best and a successful and have life ahead.

    1. Thank you. That was overwhelming response .. I never tried to follow crowd and may be that’s why I faced lot of criticism but yeah even that benefited me.

  4. for everyone who is reading this comment….

    Sup is considered to be rockstar blogger of our company and has huge fan following. He is an amazing person and is one with rich real time experiences of life.

    I am highly inspired from this guy and have learnt how to not give an eff to people. He sure makes you feel that life is here with a purpose.

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