Mind Mapping

We all have enormous potential inside and if we fail to unlock that, self-realization never happens and you do not ultimately contribute worth your talent

I was in office preparing for my interview and I was in need to lot of brainstorming. Moreover, when I started I had to write down whatever comes to my mind and connect the dots eventually

Moreover, the best possible way was Mind mapping.

It helps you get clarity of thoughts by associating and connecting different ideas through words, icons, pictures etc.

our brains process information by associations ,connections .

Well, what can we write in mind maps?

Your traits, your goals, your to-do list, your hobbies, your roles, anything…

What materials you need to do that?

  • A white plain sheet
  • Sketch pens

Start with a central node and define what it represents and keep create hierarchies. keep drilling down .

you can also group multiple nodes together and use colours to distinguish each group .

I did that and tried to automate that using online tools. Just to see how it works

However, I prefer sketching in paper. You can Google for images though. But I have one screenshot below which I did.

PS: since image is too large i couldnt show the whole network connect. so i had to break it down into 2 images .




Author: theonlysup

Self Motivated. Optimistic , Resilient . Sometimes emotional, most of the Time Happy :)

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