Thank you Note –

Dear all,

it has been a wonderful journey . Lots of good article  i read . lot of things i learned from each of the fellow bloggers .

whenever i felt like writing, i wanted to share inspirational things, informative things . i tried to do so .

but now its time to deviate a little from this and concentrate more on my other work .

i need to concentrate on my technical blogs. I’m technical evangelist and i keep writing all my experiments i do at my workplace and share it thru my technical blogs .

if anyone who works on can visit my blog . but that’s on

Thank you so much for reading my blogs . have a nice day


Author: theonlysup

Self Motivated. Optimistic , Resilient . Sometimes emotional, most of the Time Happy :)

11 thoughts on “Thank you Note –”

  1. I refuse to say it is sad to say goodbye. I rather way it has been great to have you here. Anyway, we’ll miss you here! I wish you good luck and success with your projects and your other blog. Take care!

  2. You will still write here, or not?

    When I started my blog, I thought I would only write about technical things. But then I jumped into book reviews and any random things. I have found the journey to be worthwhile. It’s just that such posts take less time to write but yes they do deviate you a bit!!

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