Blog traffic??What’s your SEO trick

Many people look for SEO tricks to get traffic.. A huge traffic. They expect to get 100,000 hits overnight .it simply doesn’t work that way

The best techniques I learned .
Concentrate on the content . a good content and an nice title generally pulls the crowd .
Do not write lengthy article ,say almost 3 pages long. I prefer content of about 200 words usually which conveys good meaning
Sometimes a photo with a message is good to have . people run out of patience reading lengthy posts.
You wanna get comment, leave a comment
Comment on the posts which you feel worth reading. By comment I don’t mean just commenting as “good post” , share ur thought on the subject . and also be open to receive comments. Don’t close conversation by simply saying “thanks”
Respond back with ur thoughts on their comment

Organize your post
Categorize your blogs properly. Put them under group which they belong to
AddΒ  tags to increase visibility while searching

If you are on social networking sites like Facebook ,Twitter then share it on them so that all your friends will get to know your post

Well this is a gradual process and do not expect an immediate success

I leaveΒ  you with a thought .Β  finally what is your motto behind writing??
Is it to become famous ?? Or share your thoughts?? Or follow your passion?? Or something else ??

Because I believe blogging is not a sport . blogging is more than providing just an insight on a topic.. Moreover look at the lives you have inspired by ur blogs than no. Of followers



Author: theonlysup

Self Motivated. Optimistic , Resilient . Sometimes emotional, most of the Time Happy :)

31 thoughts on “Blog traffic??What’s your SEO trick”

    1. Thanks man. There is huge repository if information in web. I always keep looking for it be while i work or when I’m free and looking for some mind refreshing good article . hence i also believe content is the king . thanks

  1. Very informative post Supreet.:) I leave comments when the content is good. Sometimes, I can’t, specially if I can’t relate to certain topics.
    Categorizing my post is a hefty job. I write about everything under the sun & even beyond. Hence the name. πŸ˜‰

  2. Hey awsome … I loved the pic relax .. n trust me I am the one in that pic as I have never bothered about the numbers and if I say truly I don’t even know how many friends I have whom I follow or they are following me

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