three things in my journal

I remember few years back there was lot of challenging phase I encountered when I started my career as software professional.

I was finding it hard initially to cope up with work pressure and to maintain a balance between personal and professional life.

But one thing I always did was read. Read lot of books. I read Robin Sharma’s book “who will die when you cry”

Inspired by that what I did was to maintain a diary / Journal. And I keep writing in that .

And what do I write?? Here are few things

  • Task list for the next day :
  • tasklist

I know we all have this smartphone. but for me this works the best .

I write target dates of completion, and hit a tick mark as and when I complete. I have tried all the best possible to-do apps in android but for me paper works the best

Well some people feel maintaining 1 app is better to have book lost or paper scattered. Left to them.

  • Good Thoughts:

I love writing good quotes. and keep referring them as it gives me motivation sometimes .

Some of the quotes I recently wrote was .”My Life is my message “ – Mahatma Gandhi

I want the world sympathy in this battle of right against might –“ – Mahatma Gandhi

Keep the gold and keep the silver, but give us wisdom.” — Arabian proverb

This keeps me inspired .

  1. Lessons I learnt today:

This is one of the important things I do before I sleep. I will write the best thing which I did today

The next I write the lessons I learned today. May be good experience, may be bad. I feel without making mistakes you will never grow

I think of what’s the opportunity I can find in every challenging situation I face and what’s the missed opportunity that I could have utilized today.

So these are 3 main things I write in my journal . This has helped me significantly in my career and in my personal life.

Folk can let me know what has helped you grow in your career. What keeps you motivated?


Author: theonlysup

Self Motivated. Optimistic , Resilient . Sometimes emotional, most of the Time Happy :)

63 thoughts on “three things in my journal”

  1. I still have a diary (next to my phone) where I note down all of my appointments. It doesn’t matter if I drop it or if any battery runs out – it works 😉
    Even in young years you have intuitively found a way of staying in touch with yourself next to the computer business. But perhaps right that was what you needed for a compensation. I love the idea of writing down quotes – I mean really writing down by hand in a little paper note book. Btw. my favorite quote (and acutally my life’s philosophy) of Mahatma Gandhi is: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

    1. thank you so much . writing task list has helped me to prioritize many things . i like to refer Quotes again n again whenever i feel low and demotivated .
      and yes i will note the one u mentioned .

      1. Absolutely because you stay in touch with yourself and your directions. When you read some older journals you can see the long way you have come, which motivates and inspires for more.

  2. This post is awesome Supreet! I totally agree with all that you said here. To do list is something that I have been doing from high school till now. Also, I started to write good thoughts e.g. good quotes in the past few years and have done lessons learnt of the day for few months only. It really did help me a lot as well. Apart from these things, I love listening to uplifting music or songs that I like before I start my day and relaxing music to end my day. 🙂

      1. positively . all these comments are my driving force . thanks for motivating me .
        aligning your aspirations, work ,dreams world with your inner world is done thru this .. Ah !! m getting more philosophical here 😉

  3. Well, I dun maintain anything specific like that, But I m having a perfect schedule with everything I do…I keep a Diary with me as my best friend but just to scribble sometimes ! 😀
    You are doing a good task…Continue ! n keep posting !

  4. Supreet,
    I prefer writing a lot, by ‘a lot’, I really mean A LOT. Hence, I had taken up the habit of updating my journal since I was a little girl. Writing a journal is one the best methods to bridge the gap of ‘loudspoken silence’ between your heart and mind. This helps you not only to become a methodical and disciplined person, but, it also helps you to develop as a person.
    Keep writing,

  5. I have a diary which I dont update much frequently. This seems motivating. The list you have mentioned are things that help us grow. I’ll try using this formula. 🙂 Knowing that we did something good, learning things that should be improved etc would help us be better human beings.

      1. Yes. But we dont write everything on wordpress. And there is always that element of self motivation which we ourselves must give. 🙂

  6. It is preferable. Just to physically write, it uses different muscles to just typing everything in, and somehow feels very personal. Sadly the quick access typing allows means it is very natural to write less. But for your post, yes it is a most helpful way of organizing one’s day and even more so the mind.

      1. It’s more often than not where my musings and poetry begin. And then I quick memo my notes for the day. So, wordpress is great for a pensive mind, especially at night and daybreak.

    1. Yeah .. Thankd Ruma. I used to write expenses in paper earlier .we have inherited this quality from our parents . now spreadsheets are efficient since calculation on our cash flow becomes easy.

  7. Paper all the way! I have loads of diaries (work related, personal, etc.) and when I go back and look through them, I feel this sense of satisfaction and purpose. 🙂 Yup, paper works best. Keeps you going.

      1. “Today’s Highlight” – the best (significant or insignificant) thing that happened that day..
        Schedules and to-do lists – loads and loads of them!
        Inspirational quotes – to keep me going…
        That about sums it up. 🙂

      1. I keep one in my mind, it is mostly about gratitude. I think if we search for things we are grateful for even when there is a lot of negativity in our life we become happier.

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