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Inspired by my friend, a fantastic fellow blogger I’m sharing the list of Books that I will be reading for next 6 months.
Well as I always believed that books are my best companion here goes the list of books:
My Experiments with truth :
Author: Mahatma Gandhi
Genre: Autobiography


While I was visiting a place in Gujarat I stumbled upon this book which tells you the story of Mahatma Gandhi, his beliefs his moral values, the way he lived and his entire struggle for independence of nation during the lifetime.
I got this book in my childhood and couldn’t complete it. but now again I brought this book since I wanted to read about a man who believed in non-violence , believed in peace and creating a brotherhood feeling in the world lived ,How his satyagraha mission made a huge difference in getting independence to our country India .

He once said “I want world sympathy in the battle of right against might”
Cost: 60 INR. If you get it from Gandhi Ashram, Gujrat worth spending it .
I would rate it 8/ Amazing book which could have a positive impact on your belief system. Will give more reviews as I complete reading this book

Chasing Tomorrow


Author: Sidney Sheldon ,Tilly Bagshawe
Genre: Fiction, Suspense

I’m a huge fan of Sidney Sheldon for the amazing stories he has written in the suspense genre. He is definitely a master story teller.
I started reading Sidney’s book from past 2 years almost. And the first book was “Tell me your dreams” and then onwards I read almost all his books
The one I recently read was “if tomorrow comes” the character in that is impressing. This book seems to be a sequel of that and hence there is an urge to read it. Hopefully this turns out to be a page turner.

Mega living:
Author: Robin Sharma
Genre: Self Help
Robin Sharma’s books and videos are really inspirational. It has helped me enhance my soft skills. Grow more as a better individual. It has brought a great paradigm shift towards self-betterment. This is yet another great book by him. Hence looking forward
In this book he says there is no doubt that you have within you incredible powers to achieve anything you have ever dreamed about. What a line this is.

A diary of a Young Girl, Anne Frank


Author : Anne Frank
Genre : Auto biography

I remember reading about Adolf Hitler and his attack in many parts of the world .it was really horrifying.
A 13 year Jewish girl escapes Nazis attack and explains he her experiences during world war 2 .
Here I have this curiosity of knowing on what happened during World War 2 which can take me back to 1944.
Also all the great motivation I will get from the story of 13 year young brave girl is really worth  for she believed in peace and humanity.

I love Money :

Now this is a book written in Kannada. Author here speaks about money and its importance. How to save your money, manage your expenses and become financially independent.
Long back I read a book called “Rich dad Poor dad “inspired by that I choose to read this book.
It’s always good to know your cash flows and improve our financial literacy

So this is in my list for next 6 month and all these books are gems in their own category .


Author: theonlysup

Self Motivated. Optimistic , Resilient . Sometimes emotional, most of the Time Happy :)

39 thoughts on “The bookList”

  1. Very good suggestions. I went to the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam 21 years ago (OMG that long ago…) It was impressive to say the least. What a heritage she left us …

      1. Okay. 🙂
        Recently, I’ve been reading some books written by Paulo Coelho. I’m a great fan of his philosophical way of analysing human nature. Have you read his books before? If not, you may try some. 🙂

      1. – Twilight series
        – Atlas Shrugged
        – It happens for a reason
        – Security Analysis (For investment knowledge) (I recd this book as a gift)

      2. U mean Benjamin Graham ?? oh he is a fantastic write on investments . i have read his book “Intelligent Investor” i hope this is equally good 🙂 Thanks Himali . u have been kind enough to give some good recommendations

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