The true Leaders

It was wonderful evening I spent with the people who are truely amazing . their thoughts , their action plans were spectacularly incredible.
They are housewives , students but still women who have recognized their potential within and have taken a step ahead to make a difference. To be a leader in their own role. Let me share some if their fantastic visions.
Vijaylakshmi. Who has taken initiatives to clean e-waste and recycling of those.
My aunt Rajeshwari who has started her own yoga classes.
Priyal ostwal who is an MBA graduate has an incredible passion for paintings has her own art firm .
Shikha who has started her own art gallery .
These are the people who believe in making their dreams turn into reality.
They have 1 thing which they have recognized within themselves which they are expert in and have mastered it.

This left me truly inspired . It would be unfair if I don’t appreciate the efforts of khushbu , C.A by profession and deepali an active leader from Deshpande foundation ,in mentoring, coordinating the wonderful event of rewarding these talents .
Finally I apologize I don’t remember few names but still I congratulate them.

I leave you readers with this beautiful thought by Robin sharma.
ideation without execution is just a delution



Author: theonlysup

Self Motivated. Optimistic , Resilient . Sometimes emotional, most of the Time Happy :)

24 thoughts on “The true Leaders”

    1. Amrita. Thank you so much. Its my pleasure to see your comments. Don’t you think women in our society are doing excellent work .. Thanks for ur support in helping me inspire people .

  1. Namaskara!!!

    Better make this one as part 1. Part 2 would be how these ppl inspired you. Want to know your thoughts on TRUE LEADERSHIP.

    Great to see you back to #WordPress.



    1. Part 2 will be when I see them achieve their next milestone. Will definitely write.
      Thanks Ambika . good to see your comment. True leadership lies in the belief that I can make a difference and taking 1st step towards their dreams

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