Happy Birthday mom.

For someone i truly love, respect and is an integral part of my life.My Mother India.

words don’t come easily yet have plenty of things which i respect her for .

the lady who could do anything impossible . lady who had caliber to fight the odds .symbol of love and strength.

woman who was there  with us in all the situations, i could see her smile even when she was sad..

she’s a great motivation to me who believed in never-give-up theory .and said silently that “everything’s gonna be alright”

and guess what .. it did.Today its her birthday. i still feel her presence.

i wish you a very happy birthday mom.

Love: Supreet.

a small poetry which i wrote long back :

Have you ever been loved so much
Whose love for you pervades the universe
But my anger has become source of her pain
Now that memories slap on my face
And ask me what did you gain?
Now that you are gone
I can hear cry of my heart
Wish I had a chance again to do it right.
I would tell you to wait
To show you I cared you before it’s too late
I go out play when life is a game
But why don’t I hear you now screaming my name
I know your aren’t gonna come back
And look at me, smiling .
This is a song of my life
I’m gonna pen it down and sing
Though my life kept on complicating
I knew u would sit in a corner crying.
For all the sacrifice u made
I dint even try recognising
You gave up your life , you’ve been praying for me
Nobody but me , alone, with no strength left in me.










Author: theonlysup

Self Motivated. Optimistic , Resilient . Sometimes emotional, most of the Time Happy :)

11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday mom.”

      1. She may not be here, but her presence is and they do let us know it through others. I know how you feel as I lost both my parents..

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