My Apology to a good friend. just wanna say i’m sorry your anger is justified.

m just here to say .

i ain’t letting you down
amidst the motha fuckin haters ,
you ain’t walk this road alone .
there’s isn’t a way
that could stop you being sad, mad on me
i dint even realise so much you counted on me
i’m sorry i hurt you, but be brave
i’m back again ‘ima stand by yo way
take a moment to Listen
they gonna diss you and make yo pain amplified
sit back kick back know their intention
or go be their friend again
i aint gonna talk to to them again.

we’ve seen the worse,everyday they curse,

Nobody ever cared , spared

you held the pillow ,but never cried

you’re unstoppable , believe me ,you’re incredible

no,i’m not insane .i’m better this way
you were my friend and will remain the same


Author: theonlysup

Self Motivated. Optimistic , Resilient . Sometimes emotional, most of the Time Happy :)

27 thoughts on “Apology”

      1. sincere apology from someone who truly loves you can melt a heart – that is the power of love!

        my best wishes, its sad that someone could misunderstand you! you are a wonderful, genuine person!

      1. Yes, I did.
        It was very heart-felt and absolutely sincere. 🙂
        Keep up the writing! ;):)

      2. That’s great to know! 🙂
        Even I say some thoughtless things, before I realise it…
        And then, spend a few hours feeling bad and apologising! 😀

  1. I think I’m very late to comment here, sorry .
    I think this was the best way to ask for apology. I hope that it was accepted.
    BTW it was written very beautifully. You must write them often.

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