Biographer of my Life


Walter Isaacson in this Book “Steve Jobs” writes “He wanted me to write a biography on him” now ‘he’ refers to Steve Jobs-A great Visionary. but Isaacson was in no mood to write about steve jobs for he believed steve jobs still got lot to achieve , many milestones to cover.
But if some one i wished who could write about me are very few people i could list down.

1)ARK- : a very good friend of mine and a fantastic blogger.
her words are many a time very effective. and i believe her writings would defenitely leave an impact on readers mind.she knows me in person and a has respect towards my beliefs , my theories and thought process. she is appreciative ,critical if she strongly feels ;and moreever we share some of the finest things in life along with few sad things. she has a her unique way of writing that connects the readers instantly.

2)My brother Kiran : an amazing person with whom have spent 22 years till now would be a great choice to write about me. there no such game changing moments we both shared that has not been registered in his memory. his words are infectious . i have seen him writing down all the great things he believes in. all the deepest profound and effective thoughts that would come to his mind. and i believe he is been so humble to take the lessons i learnt and taught to him as an inspiration for many of things he has done in his life.
3)Sakshi Vashist( im a follower of her blog and she definitely is a versatile and a creative writer. people who reads her writing will never give a second thought on reading more of her writing. thats the power she has .

But let me share something . the very purpose of my life ies in the fact that i would like to live a life which would inspire others to lead a great life who has not regrets while on his death bed ..

Mark my words.
“A life lived with regrets is like a song of ur heart unsung”.


if i have lived a life which could transform some ones life in a positive way , that will defintely mean i’m goin to stay longer in people heart as a man of actions , a man whose deeds are to be remembered . and when i’m gone , writers would be a catalyst to give my message to the world ..


Author: theonlysup

Self Motivated. Optimistic , Resilient . Sometimes emotional, most of the Time Happy :)

6 thoughts on “Biographer of my Life”

  1. A huge heartfelt thanks for including my name here Sup… and also i am blessed to have a mentor like you in my life who constantly brings me back to ground zero whenever i get out of control. (Not many ppl can control me and my weirdness) 😉 I hope someday when your name will be etched in the hearts of millions of people in the world i would take the opportunity to write something about you so that people will get to know an amazing personality like you and i get some “fame” for telling people about u… u know its like “one of the ideas of making money” LOL.

    So let’s talk something serious now… your last paragraph is something like “icing on the cake”. Such a smooth way of narrating something very serious in simple words. My throat simply got choked when i read the last para… you know what? Mark my words… one day you are gonna be very great and your shine helps others to enrich their lives with lots of positivity… and … im very very proud to be your friend Sup… Thanks for the mention of my name in this post.

    May God Bless You!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. thanks a lot Ambika.. your comment is highly valuable for me which makes me feel i should be affirming out loud “im living a life of gratitude, an inspiration” and all this brings me great sense of fulfilment.
      tears and cheers 🙂

    1. i think there are also other bloggers i like to add in the list of my favourites.
      b)Flightless Bird.
      all are great source of inspiration.
      good luck . Love

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