I had a very nice Conversation with a friend who says People like Steve Jobs , Bill Gates etc are gifted. They have a gifted brain and that’s how they had an excellent life , a successful life.

Well , I believe “the harder you work the luckier you get”. The great Visionaries like Steve Jobs Focused on their dreams. They were passionate about what they do. And they mastered their skills.
They weren’t successful overnight. They Practiced. It took them months and years to be the best in what they do.
Because a life of mediocrity is a result of being negligent about your dreams, many a times.
A life of excellence is a result of tiny daily wins and learning and practicing your skills each day.
Mr. Shiv khera (author of You Can win) once said
You sow a thought you reap an action.
You sow an action you reap a habit
You sow a habit you reap a character
And when you sow a character you reap your destiny.

Victims always find a reason to say “it can’t be done”. Leaders always  find the possibilities to make things happen.

But victims ignore it, procrastinate things and leaders keep doing it and move towards the goal.

knowing what you really want ,loving what you do to reach those aspiration. learning new things in the field of your interest ,and focus is all what it takes to reach pinnacle.

Finally I conclude by saying thing which i heard -> “ If you want to achieve what 5% of people want to achieve . you should be willing to do what 5% of people were willing to do”



Author: theonlysup

Self Motivated. Optimistic , Resilient . Sometimes emotional, most of the Time Happy :)

12 thoughts on “Gifted??”

  1. As always a super like on this post..:-)
    Superb…:-):-) the posts r so realistic n motivating…B-)B-):-D:-D

  2. Guru Ji once again… no comments for your awesome post. I still say that those guys are GIFTED. Not because life was a cake walk for them. But, somehow they had the temperament and the right attitude to change the conventional way of doing things. They are gifted with the vision of thinking the innovative things. Because i believe “how much ever you work hard towards your goal if you dont have the right vision its as simple as the bullock in oil mills”. And to have the vision you need that mindset which not all of us are gifted with.

    1. yes. helen keller was once asked what’s the worse things that could happen than not having an eye.
      she said “worse is having an eye and not Vision”

    1. we become genius by Practicing daily.. which leads to excellence one day.. yeah there are times when you fail but don’t loose hopes keep moving… thats what i say.
      Thanks sharmi..:)

  3. Agree that hard work pays. But still all hard working people can;t become Bill Gates or Steve Jobs.
    Their certainly are other factors coming into play .. destiny, doing things at right time, being at right place, more motivation…

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