Its Your Life.Face it. Don’t Facebook it

Few days back, I was interacting with group of college students and I was asked why I don’t have a Facebook account.

For me Facebook is very much a virtual world.i’m not sure how many people turn out to your real good friend in reality. They might like your  every wall status. In reality they might not accept your perceptions , your uniqueness, your whole damn thought Process.

Possibly  when you require a shoulder to lye and cry on, they may send an e-shoulder. 😉

I have observed people update what every single little thing they do, on facebook wall. (I ate goddamn upma, I’m goin to bathroom, I’m thinking of white polar bear, m wearing new dress.. and what not..)

instead I prefer sitting and talking to famly members . planning my goals . reading a book .Invest in self development. call friends and  meet up .

how many of us have taken time to appreciate our loved ones and thank nature and life for whatever good things happened Ii always say people stop proclaiming your love for ur mom ur dad on your status updates . get off from facebook and go give her a hug and take her out. make her feel valued.

OK it might be a fun poking each other virtually whole day on facebook.. but are we learning anything from this? its just eating people Productive time.Remember victims like leisure , leaders love learning. victims love entertainment, leaders love educating

its so crazy but true that for some people if they have no social network profile then  they are non existent.

No, I don’t hate facebook. people have found friends.

It can act as a great tool for Promoting business , Product , services to consumers  .recently I read an article which say facebook maintains 1800 MysQL DB servers with just 2 DBAs. so incredible

 its just how addictive  and some times self destructive social networking sites could be is a concern.


Author: theonlysup

Self Motivated. Optimistic , Resilient . Sometimes emotional, most of the Time Happy :)

13 thoughts on “Its Your Life.Face it. Don’t Facebook it”

  1. I agree with you on this that people do waste a lot of time on FB and it sometimes becomes funny when people try to show off every small little thing they do but as you say if FB can be used sensibly then it is a great tool for friendship and networking. The mantra is FB shud not use you but you should use FB 🙂 Followinf you..

  2. So agree with your article.
    Its really frustrating to see at what lengths people go to remain available in the virtual world.. Its like a limelight and maybe they feel like a celebrity with a constant urge to be in the news and keep count of followers!

    1. thanks @jaymay for ur valuable response.
      you nailed it. people have this urge to keep count of followers. i believe rather than counting how many follower you have , its better to count how many people we have inspired .

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