Should we give?

I wrote many things about saving our money..all these days

Today I will be writing about giving money.

As a regular investor I usually would save/invest 25-30% of my income for my financial goals.

Whenever I save more than that it would make me happy for my extra efforts.. (for controlling my urge to spend more than needed  )

A yr. back I met a person who worked for an NGO, spreading awareness about self-employment in rural areas (when I was into anti-tobacco awareness camp).

People get loans keep agricultural land as security. NGO guy asked me to donate whatever possible amount from my end.

I always had dilemma whether this could be properly utilized or not. But somehow made my mind and donated some amount.

And same was utilized to clear a part of his liabilities. And I was very happy..and  then onwards he is clearing his debt with his own earnings. That’s something nice.

But we also come across kids who don’t have access to education (schools) .i feel I could do something.

But still the same dilemma would the money be used in a correct way and for the right purpose.

And that amount which I gave did not impact much on my financial goal so thats more important is one such NGO which does that as well

we hope the money invested will be properly utilized .




Author: theonlysup

Self Motivated. Optimistic , Resilient . Sometimes emotional, most of the Time Happy :)

One thought on “Should we give?”

  1. with all that corruption stories about NGOs, and some of my own personal experience with a very reputed one I believe that if you want to share your hard earned money you should share it through an organization which will allow you to directly access the person you are sponsoring!

    what do you think? After all, where is the problem in letting you know who is being benefitted by your money as long as you don’t ask him/her for returns?

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