Every day brings a new experience to my life. i meet and interact with plenty of people and i personally get to learn some or the other thing from each one of them.

i tried to find why certain people are very successful in different aspects of life

And when made a survey i realized those people are very much adaptable to different situations of life. They think beyond the obvious and THINK, WORK, LIVE out of their COMFORT ZONE.

Their ideas are not confined to only specific sectors.

They show qualities like Conviction, Honesty, and Never-give-up attitude

Let me give an ex: A person from Canada who had a desire of becoming a great Sport Star.

Unfortunately he had to lose his leg due to some kind of cancer. But only thing he had was hope and conviction. He came out of his comfort zone and decided to use prosthetic (artificial) leg.

And with the help of that he participated in Marathon from one end of Canada to another and completed 3339 miles and won medals and approx. 2 million dollars which he contributed towards cancer research. And the name is Terry Fox.

If I tell you that Ray kroc worked as an ambulance driver, paper cup salesman and a piano player before he became a successful businessman , wont it surprise you.??

Now to conclude,i say , out of 1000 thoughts people get per day 997 should be positive and shouldn’t be turned to negative due to circumstances. So believe in yourself and have a great future.

Good luck and cheers,


PS: now you must be wondering. Who this Ray Kroc is..

He is founder of your very own McDonalds


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Author: theonlysup

Self Motivated. Optimistic , Resilient . Sometimes emotional, most of the Time Happy :)

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