Be Proud of who you are


I keep interacting with people. Hear them share their hardships in their lives and how tired and exhausted they are. I could almost sense the confidence is low.
Just think: what difference would it make in their lives if they had an absolutely unshakable confidence .
Everyone had suffered difficulties. I, you, and all others. But all that matters is how you bounce back every time when life knocks you down.

I tell those people please don’t judge yourself poorly in comparison with others.

Don’t magnify your difficulties and minimize opportunities. . We might suffer criticism but then don’t get emotionally paralyzed.

Believe in yourself, your dreams and eventually you will feel more confident, find yourself getting along with better people.

This is just for all my lovely people out there who has faced difficulties and yet struggling to be happy
My 2 lines for them .I’m no poet but here it goes..

Every single day I hear you cry
You took the blame and so did I
Every time when the life hits hard
I fought back and let you try
People Mock and criticize
Life is a disguise; visualize
All you gotta do is give a little smile
Pick my shoes, put ‘em on and walk a mile
They gonna treat you like a dirt
But don’t let ‘em change your heart
Look at life through my eyes
YOU’LL find a brighter side
Someday they will diss you
Look at whom? Offended you?
Show them all how tough it is
To overcome the pain surrounding you
Hear me out, my last line for You
Let’em burn in hell “JUST BELIEVE IN YOU”


Author: theonlysup

Self Motivated. Optimistic , Resilient . Sometimes emotional, most of the Time Happy :)

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